The Trump Crime Family Will Have To Testify In New York Fraud Investigation On July 15

The Trumps will be testifying in the New York fraud investigation starting on July 15.


Tom Winter reported on MSNBC:

As a matter of fact, this legal battle goes back to February and before that. There was an order to conduct these depositions back then. It has been weaving through the New York court of appeals, now the sides have come to an agreement. This is not something where the judge just happened to pick a date. 

The president’s attorneys as well as Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.’s attorneys have come to an agreement that Friday, July 15th, is when they will start these depositions. They have through the end of the following week to complete them. Though I don’t anticipate this to be a five or six-day affair. They will not be talked to at the same time. So these depositions will not occur with all three of them in the room. They will speak with them separately we’re told.

This could change again. My kind of standard asterisk when we talk about this because the Trumps do have a window to file any sort of follow-on appeal with the New York state court of appeals and they could always issue a stay. So this is not a final date. That’s just how these things go. At this point, the big key to this is the president’s attorneys as well as Donald Trump Jr. And Ivanka’s attorneys have agreed to this July 15th date. This is the civil investigation, not the criminal investigation. 

This has been ongoing for quite some time, as you are aware. This is, I think, a pretty good signal that once this is taken that they’re probably towards the end if not the end of that inquiry.

The Trump family has been trying to avoid testifying and fighting the fraud investigation for more than a year. The fact that Trump and kids will finally sit down and answer questions from the Attorney General is a major development.

The civil action is no small matter. The Trump Organization could be put out of business in New York by the Attorney General, plus fines and other penalties.

The Trumps are worried about the information that comes out in the civil action being used against them in criminal proceedings.

Justice is not following a linear path, but it does seem to be on the Trump crime family’s trail.