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The Lincoln Project Runs Ad At Manhattan Courthouse and Trump Tower Calling Trump A Broke Loser

The Lincoln Project is running a new ad at the Manhattan courthouse and Trump Tower reminding the former president that he is a broke loser.

An announcer speaks directly to Trump and says:

Oh Donald, you’re broke and busted. A fraud, a con, a low rent rip-off artist. We’ve always known it, so have you. Now America knows it. The courts are shutting down your crooked shell companies in New York. Bank fraud, insurance fraud, you know those are crimes, right, Donald?

They’re dissolving the whole Trump Organization scam right from under you. Bankruptcy won’t save you this time. You’ll have to sell off everything. You might even lose control of that dump, Trump Tower. No one will lend you money, Donald. They won’t even let you hand it over to Junior or Eric. Nevermind Ivanka, she hates you. Everything you ever built was built on a lie. You were never rich, never successful. New York is laughing at you. Always has, always will. And now, everyone knows it. Broke, busted, the loser in chief.

According to a statement from The Lincoln Project provided to PoliticusUSA, the ad will run digitally at the courthouse in Manhattan and Trump Tower. It will also air later in the week on Fox in Mar-A-Lago.

Trump spent the first day of his trial fuming, raging, and going off on incoherent rants outside the courtroom. Trump didn’t have to show up for the civil case, but the fact that he did shows how much getting exposed as a fraud has gotten under his skin.

The Lincoln Project ad is the sort of political advertising that more Americans need to see.

Enough of the country fell for Trump’s con to get him barely elected once. The majority of the country needs to spread messages like this one to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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