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James Comer Admits He Has No Evidence Against President Biden

Last updated on February 12th, 2024 at 03:37 pm

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) admitted on Sunday morning that he has no evidence that President Biden engaged in influence peddling.

Comer said on Fox News Sunday when asked about the Hur Report:

What I’m concerned about is the fact that hidden within that document is evidence that the some of the classified documents he mishandled were from Ukraine and China. And as you know, Maria, and as Special Counsel Hur should know, we’ve been leading a major influence peddling investigation of the President where we’ve proven that at the very least his son and brother had been influence peddling with those two countries.

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We want to know exactly what those documents were, and we want to know if Hur actually interviewed Jim Biden and Hunter Biden because, look, this family — as you know very well — has been involved in influence peddling for decades. This is shady, this is counter to everything we stand for in America, and it’s a threat to our national security. So we have a lot of questions about Hur’s report.


Comer did not want to talk about Hur’s claim about Biden’s mental faculties because if Biden is mentally diminished as Hur claimed, it would undercut Comer’s entire investigation, which is based on the idea that President Biden is a criminal mastermind.

Republicans can’t have both ways. Biden can’t be both a criminal mastermind who deserves impeachment and a mentally incapable president.

Chair Comer’s impeachment investigation has virtually collapsed. House Republicans are dozens of votes short of being able to impeach President Biden.

Even James Comer is admitting that he has nothing.

The Biden impeachment investigation has been one of the biggest investigative failures by a House majority in congressional history, and it needs to end.

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