Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton Slammed After Suggesting That Dr. Fauci Is Not a “Public Health Professional”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) took to Twitter to criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and…

18 hours ago

Opinion: Republicans’ Endorsement of “White Rage” Undermines Americans’ Economic Well-Being

Understanding the role white rage has played historically in undermining the economic well-being of people of color as well as…

5 months ago

Opinion: By Opposing Minimum Wage Increase, Republicans Scam Taxpayers and Endorse Poverty

While Republicans love to falsely claim that tax cuts for the wealthy pay for themselves through increased economic activity, in…

9 months ago

Opinion: Stacey Plaskett Reveals Key Party Differences, Larger Stakes of Impeachment for Nation

Plaskett and peers such as Haaland, Ocasio-Cortez, and Velazquez are making it clear the Democratic Party is evolving toward a…

10 months ago

Biden’s Cabinet Choices Point To New American Future Through Promise to Confront American Past

Haaland and Buttigieg, as just two examples from Biden’s Cabinet choices, aren’t looking for apologies necessarily; when they speak, they…

12 months ago

Tom Cotton’s 1619 Project Legislation Highlights Ignorance Of Political Economy and History

As is now widely known, the Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton recently proposed legislation that would deny federal funding to…

1 year ago

Republican Senator Tom Cotton Compares Portland Protesters to Confederate Traitors

Tom Cotton compared protesters to the traitors who rebelled against the United States and formed the Confederacy on Tuesday. The…

1 year ago

Four GOP Senators Push for Trump to Suspend Visas “During Recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Senators  Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote a letter to President Donald Trump suggesting he suspend visas for…

2 years ago

Mitch McConnell Blames Impeachment For Trump Coronavirus Incompetence

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has claimed impeachment distracted the federal government from the Coronavirus. The Kentucky Republican suggested the…

2 years ago

Tom Cotton Spreads Brain Melting Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory On Fox

The World Health Organization is warning against spreading coronavirus conspiracy, but that didn't stop Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Fox…

2 years ago

Tom Cotton Defends Trump Mocking Troops With Brain Injuries

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) invented an explanation to pretend like Trump wasn't mocking or downplaying troops with brain injuries.

2 years ago

Sen. Tom Cotton Urges Trump To Launch An Invasion Of Mexico

Sen. Tom Cotton said that after nine Americans were murdered in Mexico, Trump may have to take matters into his…

2 years ago

Tom Cotton Uses the Troops to Cover Up Trump’s Disastrous Trade War

"There will be some sacrifice on the part of Americans, I grant you that. But also that sacrifice is pretty…

3 years ago

Angry Crowd Pounces On GOP Senator After He Tries To Defend Trump Over Tax Returns

Things took a bad turn for Tom Cotton after he defended Trump for refusing to release his tax returns.

5 years ago

Tom Cotton Says Donald Trump’s Syria Strike Restored U.S. Credibility

“But these strikes did more than simply punish Mr. Assad and deter future attacks; they have gone a long way…

5 years ago

Town Halls Show Participatory Democracy Best Hope of Saving Obamacare and Country

The recent uprisings at Republican town halls are demonstrating the power of the people to withstand and turn back the…

5 years ago

Tom Cotton Says Paul Ryan’s Claim of a 3-Phase Repeal and Replace is ‘Just Spin’

"There is no three-phase process. There is no three-step plan. That is just political talk. It’s just politicians engaging in…

5 years ago

Tom Cotton Melts Down And Warns That Trumpcare Could Cost Republicans The House

A very worried sounding Sen. Tom Cotton warned that Republicans could lose the House if they voted for Trumpcare during…

5 years ago

Tom Cotton Falls Apart On Fox News And Refuses To Say Trump Is Ready To Be President

Viewers could see Republican US Senator Tom Cotton crumble before their eyes when he was asked if Trump is ready…

5 years ago

Tom Cotton Falls Apart While Trying To Defend Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) fell apart doing an interview on Meet The Press the moment he was asked about Donald…

5 years ago

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