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Steubenville Rape Crew Are Outraged That Their Character is Being Questioned

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 12:26 am

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Warning for rape victims: May trigger. Proceed with caution.

Rape apologists, the rape crew, lawyers for the rape crew and morons (excuse the redundancy) are very upset about their rights being taken away and their character being impugned. That’s the message they’re getting from the outrage over the Steubenville rape case.

Yes, they’re full of self-pity and how-dare-you question us entitlement. This trickles down into the culture to reflect this sort of obvious fu*kwitedness: On a post meant to encourage Jane Doe:

“I was at work last year when a coworker was watching the news and said, ‘What’s rape anymore? You can’t stick your finger in someone without it being rape.'”

That sentiment echoes the current screeching from the rape apologists. It’s all the FemiNazi’s fault, I’ve been warned. Men can’t even ask a girl out anymore, they lament (‘cuz there’s no difference in these cretin’s minds between asking someone out and sticking something in her when she’s passed out). Much moaning from the rape apologists about their rights and the cruelty of social media!

Yes, you poor things. It’s true. The mean old FemiNazis are taking all your rights away. What next? Will we insist that we get to stick an object up your an*s, after drugging you? I mean, it’s all just fun. Gosh, a girl can’t even say hello, slip a boy a roofie and stick an object anywhere we please without a some guy freaking out about his rights. If you guys are going to insist on having rights, you can forget getting any attention from us! (Note: Always a good way to sort the good ones from the bad ones.)

Also, today at a press conference the lawyer for Michael Nodianos was very concerned regarding the alleged threats the “rape crew” are getting. The police have expressed their need to protect the families of the rape crew, as well (no word yet on how they intend to protect girls from the sociopaths they’re breeding). Heck, life is really tough. It has to be shocking to be the prey, eh? I mean, it’s not as if you could possibly understand that those girls who think they have the right to deny you the entitlement to stick whatever wherever would know anything about being prey every single day of their lives.

The things you rape apologists go through are heart-breaking. And now they’re saying mean things about your football team! Will it never end for you Great Bastions of Privilege? No one understands your pain.

The rape apologists are really ticked off at the meanies on social media who don’t like the soul-searingly sick things the rape crew did to a 16-year-old girl, which the “rape crew” shared on… social media. But we all know that a girl’s reputation is worthless anyway. She is a “whore” and “sloppy”. She is not a Great Football Player, nor does she have a “bright future” ahead of her of preying on the vulnerable. She is no one to be afraid of, let alone “respect”.

Listen, I can fix this all for the rape apologists. Just as they tell us not to leave the house without pepper spray and a Burqa, and warn us to mind our drinks if we leave the house because some very nice boy with a bright future might try to roofie us before he rapes us, and we wouldn’t want to ruin his future, now would we? So too, you who are Denied Privileges of sticking your fingers wherever must heed a few warnings.

If you roofie a girl, gang rape her, take pictures of it, urinate on her, and then cross state lines in order to dump her “dead” body on her parent’s lawn when you’re finished proving what great citizens you are, what “nice boys” you are, you might want to avoid tweeting and sharing your disgust with the victim for having the bad sense to do what you all were doing that same night.

Yes, Mr. Lawyer, I’m talking to you. “She was drunk… ” doesn’t actually translate into “She’s worthless, she asked for it, and she is a bad girl” like you think it does. Also, it’s looking like these young men may have roofied her, but hey, we get your gist. A girl drinking = concerned sadness over how she put herself in a bad situation; whereas boys drinking make “mistakes” like mocking the “dead girl” that got “so raped” on video. Their mistakes have the expectation of forgiveness (also known as “privilege”).

Privilege has its bennies. I mean, since when do we let girls go to parties and have a drink? RIGHT? Men can do that and not expect assault, but a 16 year old girl should know that animals without consciences abound. Take a drink at your own risk, girls.

But since rape apologists can’t rely on girls/women to know that they are entitled to girl’s/women’s bodies and to silence after the “rape crew” defiles them, here are a few hints for the rape apologists in order to avoid having the bad luck to experience what girls/women experience every day:

Do not video yourself gloating about rape.

Do not tweet your alleged disgust of your ex girlfriend who was just gang raped by your buddies.

Do not take pictures of your buddy sticking his fingers into a girl who appears “dead”. If you do, don’t claim you did it out of concern for the girl and then delete the pictures before the police collect the evidence.

Do not get angry that your reputation is being allegedly slandered after you stole a 16 year old girl’s reputation and humiliated her.

Do not worry so much about offenses to your entitlement in public. It makes you appear to be a sociopath.

Do not send your buddies online to attack anyone who mentions that rape is bad. It doesn’t sit well with those who still don’t realize that you are sociopaths.

Do not whine about how you don’t feel safe now that the world hates you, after you hated on a unconscious 16-year-old.

Until and unless you volunteer to be roofied and gang raped by a group of much larger men, and those pictures are shared with your family and friends, it’s best if you don’t complain too much about unfair media coverage.

After all, you started this whole thing.

Oh, and lastly, try not sticking your fingers or anything else anywhere you are not wanted, especially when you’re unclear if you’re wanted due to your victim being passed out. If you carried her around from party to party because she was so out of it that she couldn’t walk on her own, this is a clue that you do not have consent. Confused? Take a clue from the many boys and men who are not confused and just don’t do it when it’s obvious that your victim is unable to give consent.

As prevalent as our rape culture is, there are more men and boys who do NOT believe they have the right to abuse a girl/woman, and furthermore, they don’t have the desire to assault/harm/humiliate girls/women. Let’s call the rape apologists out and hold boys and men of good character up as examples. Real men don’t roofie, real men don’t rape, real men respect.

Stuebenville could use a Coach Taylor type right about now.

Note: Comments seeking to apologize for rape or shame anyone or anything other than the actions of the alleged perpetrators will be promptly thrown in the trash, in order for civilized people to have a discussion. It’s not the media’s fault or Anonymous’ fault that this happened. All of the fault lay with those who did it, those who planned it, those who gloated about it and those who watched and said nothing. To the person from Big Red football who attempted to intimidate me, you can thank yourself for this column.

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