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Roger Stone Goes Nuts After Being Banned By Pro-Trump Social Media Site GETTR

Social media was very important to Donald Trump's rise to political prominence. In 2016, Facebook did little to remove false…

1 year ago

Two Tech Groups Are Suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Over Florida’s New Social Media Bill

For a number of years, Conservatives have accused major tech companies of discrimination. Republican lawmakers frequently called the heads of…

2 years ago

Report: Claims of Anti-Conservative Bias Are a Form of “Disinformation”

A report released today from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights concluded that anti-conservative bias claims are…

2 years ago

Trump Says Part of TikTok Sale Should Go to U.S. Government

Donald Trump thinks the U.S. government should benefit from the sale of video sharing app TikTok. The President previously said…

2 years ago

Republican Matt Gaetz Wants Criminal Investigation of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Matt Gaetz is calling for a criminal investigation of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly lying to Congress about social media…

2 years ago

Trump Calls Coronavirus “A Very Bad Gift from China” as Deaths Pass 100,000

Donald Trump addressed the Coronavirus death toll on Thursday by gently criticizing China for the disease. The President's seemed more…

3 years ago

Rick Wilson Calls Trump’s Social Media Executive Order “Vomit” and Slams Its “Ludicrously Wrong” Supporters

Conservative Rick Wilson has preemptively attacked Donald Trump's impending executive order on social media. He also warned Republicans it could…

3 years ago

Opinion: We Can Be Better Than Sending Sick People to Certain Death

We can do better than sending sick people to certain death, forcing them to literally beg Emperor Trump for their…

3 years ago

Trump Claims That His Supporters Are A Protected Class That Is Being Discriminated Against

Trump thinks that his supporters (white Republicans) are a protected class who are being discriminated against on social media.

4 years ago

Democrats Now Have Their Own Social Media Army to Fight the Russians

Russia has been using social media for several years to sow discord among the American electorate, and now Democrats have…

4 years ago

In 2016 Facebook Executive Admitted They Could Get People Killed

On June 18, 2016, one of Facebook’s most senior executives sent out a shocking memo telling employees that there could…

5 years ago

M.I.T. Study Says Fake News Is 70 percent More Likely to Spread on Twitter Than Real News

An alarming new study from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology seems to prove that false stories on Twitter are…

5 years ago

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Self-Obsessed Trump’s Time Magazine Claim

Trump's dangerous presidency has been no laughing matter. But every so often, he says something so ludicrous that it's impossible…

5 years ago

Twitter’s Animal Farm TOS Enforcement Greenlights Misogyny, Trump, his Followers and Russian Bots

Last week, Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account because, according to Twitter, she violated TOS.

5 years ago

Mentally Unstable Trump Whines And Blames Democrats For Failed GOP Health Care Plan

This is a President of the United States who is unwilling or unable to accept criticism or responsibility for his…

5 years ago

Why It Will Take A Lot More Than A Protest To Stop Gun Violence

If the slaughter of 20 school children didn’t sway Republicans to support sane gun safety laws, why would a protest…

6 years ago

Progressive Hero Elizabeth Warren Under Attack For Supporting Hillary Clinton

In politics it is different than just disappearing when there is hardship; the fair weather supporter becomes an enemy; something…

7 years ago

New York Times Editorial Board Slams Netanyahu For Using Racism To Win Israeli Election

Shortly after it became apparent that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party had survived a close election…

8 years ago

Yoga Pants Wearers Rejoice As Proposed Montana Ban Is Stymied In Committee

Representative David Moore's (R-Missoula) proposed yoga pants ban, failed to pass through the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

8 years ago

Another GOP Staffer Loses His Job Over Racist Comments

Republican Congressman Aaron Shock accepted the resignation of staffer Benjamin Cole, over racist comments Cole made on social media.

8 years ago