Religious Right Says Supreme Court and Constitution Are Irrelevant

Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has a theocracy addiction.

Of course, all aberrochristians do. And we need to intervene on their behalf – and on ours – though honestly I’m not sure what Graham is all hot about since he said back in October that Election Day 2012 was “America’s last call.” By his standards, the jig is already up.

I wrote the other day about the Religious Right’s lunatic response to the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling, and yesterday about attempts across this nation to impose theocracy on the American people in violation of the Constitution of the United States. Our religious extremists are getting more, not less, vociferous in their opposition to anything of which the Bible does not explicitly approve (at least according to their interpretation of the most famous book never read).

Billy Graham’s son issued a statement on Charisma News Friday:

While I sharply disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision on these two marriage cases, when it comes to issues involving God’s laws, it doesn’t ultimately matter what I or anyone else thinks about a court’s ruling. It was God who created and defined marriage, and any person or institution that attempts to redefine it is ultimately challenging Him.

We who call ourselves followers of Christ must strive to love others with the same love He has shown us—even when we have fundamentally different beliefs about such matters as the definition of marriage. I believe that all people are entitled to respect and are within the reach of God’s love, but I do not believe any of us is entitled to rearrange God’s divine order for the universe and its inhabitants—all of which He created and sent His Son to die for.

And David Brody wrote in The Brody File that,

Anthony Kennedy and his cohorts may have decided that DOMA is unconstitutional and no longer the law of the land but by a 1-0 margin God decided a long time ago that traditional marriage is the law of the World. God wins.

And here I thought Brody’s ilk hated the idea of a New World Order and a global government!

What I want to know though, is that if YHWH wrote the law on marriage, where are my concubines and extra wives? What a gyp!

But seriously, leaving aside the complete inaccuracy of Brody’s claim that biblical marriage was between one man and one woman, there are quite a few problems with what Graham and Brody said. First of all, as we have pointed out here before, God isn’t part of the equation according to the United States Constitution. And like it or not, the Constitution is the law of the land. Not the Bible.

Nor is the Bible the law of the world. There were many other belief systems here already in place for thousands of years before anybody wrote a Bible and they’re entitled to their beliefs, whatever fantasies Brody’s genocidal tendencies endorse. Some of us still believe those things.

The key thing for Americans of course is that nowhere in the Constitution does it say we must concern ourselves with what the Bible says about anything. It isn’t even mentioned. Neither is God. Nor any commandments of any type.

Though we do have amendments. Graham and Brody might want to familiarize themselves with the first one.

Graham says the Court doesn’t matter, but what does not matter from a legal standpoint, is the Bible, and less what a bunch of cranky old white men say God wants for us all.

What is scary is not whether or not these cranks actually believe God is punishing Colorado with forest fires – as Pastor Dave Buehner put it –

Colorado is asking for judgment and God is delivering it in little pieces. He is very gracious that he hasn’t destroyed the whole state yet.

– but that the base believes it. A frightening number of Americans still subscribe to the Bronze Age realities of the Bible.

It is obvious where our extreme weather is coming from and it is not an angry god but the greedy rich who run our corporations, who are destroying our environment and are willing to rape the earth now so that those who come after us have nothing.

Meanwhile, gay-baiting, Muslim-hating Janet Mefferd wishes she lived in Senegal where homosexuality is illegal. I can only say on behalf of all sane Americans that we do too!

Brody reassures himself by saying that “Conservative Christians outnumber the gay activists so the numbers are on their side,” but this fantasy is not supported by polling numbers, which show fully half of the American people are, in effect, gay activists, supporting equality for gays and lesbians.

The one thing Brody is right about – the only thing – is that “apathy is lethal.”

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