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Democrats Promise To Do What The Supreme Court Won’t – Stand Up for Women’s Rights

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As Republicans celebrate, congressional Democrats are fighting back with a statement that said in part, “If the Supreme Court isn’t willing to protect women’s rights, House Democrats will.”

In a statement, the chairman of the DCCC, Rep. Steve Israel said, “This decision by the Supreme Court is both disappointing and disturbing and further reinforces that we need to put a Democratic majority in control of Congress. Republicans in Congress have long made it clear that their ideological agendas come before a women’s right to access quality, affordable health care, and now the Supreme Court is only piling on even more. There is no question that this decision makes it harder for women across the country to access the care they need. Women’s health care decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor, not her boss. If the Supreme Court isn’t willing to protect women’s rights, House Democrats will.”

The five male conservative justices on the Supreme Court did significant damage to the future of the Republican Party today. The Koch fueled majority dumped gasoline all over the inferno that swallowed up Republicans in 2012. The Supreme Court isn’t going to protect women’s rights. The Republican Party is actively attempting to roll back women’s rights, so Democrats are standing alone when it comes to protecting the rights of women.

As my colleague Sarah Jones pointed out, “That noise you just heard was death rattle gasp of the GOP tent. The Republican Party now officially stands for taking access to birth control (life-saving) away from women, as well as regulating a woman’s eggs even before they are implanted. That’s a super interesting way of standing for “freedom”, but one that will not stand the test of time.”

Republicans and conservatives are celebrating a decision that is sowing the seeds of their own demise. This is similar to when Republicans celebrated the 2000 ruling that made George W. Bush president while being completely oblivious of the fact that the rise of Bush the younger marked the beginning of the Republican Party’s grand decline.

Women and men aren’t just angry. They are going to do more than come out to vote. Women, and the men who support their rights are taking over. Today’s Supreme Court ruling was a victory only in the sense that it made it clear to the country where Republicans stand on the rights of women. The platform that women are not equal citizens who don’t deserve equal rights is not a winning formula in a nation that is a majority female.

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