Get Ready: Senate Republicans Are About To Unveil Another Disastrous Version Of Trumpcare

Despite the fierce, bipartisan opposition to each of their previous health care bills, Republicans in Congress are preparing to release yet another version of Trumpcare this week, according to reporting on Monday.

The Hill reports that “Senate Republicans are scheduled to get updated on legislation repealing and replacing ObamaCare during a closed-door caucus meeting on Tuesday.”

The report notes that Senate leadership is aiming to have a new bill by the end of this week and a vote on the measure by next week.

In other words, the fight to stop Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act is far from over – and millions of Americans are still at risk of losing insurance and benefits that the current law provides.

And if the past is any indication of what the future holds, the new version of Trumpcare expected by the end of this week will be just as disastrous as the latest in a string of dangerous bills put forward by the GOP.

While there were slight variations between each of the previous versions of the GOP health bill, they all stuck to the same core principles – and each would mean devastating cuts to Medicaid, millions of Americans without health insurance, and more people seeing their essential health benefits taken away.

Republicans have been promising to deliver a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act since it was signed into law in 2010. All these years later, not only have they failed to repeal the law, but they can’t even explain what their goal is in doing so – besides simply undoing a major part of former President Barack Obama’s legacy.

This could be their final chance to fulfill that goal, and the millions of Americans who fiercely opposed early versions of the bill must remain engaged and vocal if they want to stop it again.

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