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Opinion: Partisanship Cannot Be Tolerated When Decency Is The Only True Recourse

Loyalty in most cases is a noble and endearing quality when given to those who have earned it by embodying righteousness, fairness, and truth. However, loyalty blindly imparted in politics is a dangerous and deadly cancer within the body of democracy. Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, is a prime example of a misguided and twisted loyalty that has lasting pervasive ramifications in a country deep in the throes of turmoil.

America is in the midst of a revolution of sorts. While the President of the United States proves on a daily basis that he’s an unfit leader and despicable human, investigations, and scandal haunts the American government. Our so-called leaders are the subject of protest almost daily, as one dark cloud after another descends over Washington. Women are finding their voices and speaking out against abusers, harassers, and rapists. Men of no moral fiber, from all walks of life, are being called out for their boorish behavior. Americans everywhere are resisting against foul play, abuse of power, sexism, and misogyny.

Roy Moore is an example of the worst of our government, party affiliation aside. He has been accused of engaging in pedophilia at worst and egregious judgment at best when it comes to his sexual appetite. Officials on both sides of the aisle have asked him to bow out of the Alabama senate race, and Moore has steadfastly refused to do so. Numerous accusations against Moore have emerged painting him as a sexual deviant. His most ardent supporters amazingly are so-called men and women of faith. Evangelicals all across the state of Alabama have come to his defense espousing Moore’s lifelong dedication to Christianity.

Citizens of Alabama seem to have forgotten that some of the worst crimes, committed by some of the vilest human beings, were perpetrated by supposed Christians. The benefit of the doubt cannot be extended based on a public face. Every human being has multiple facets to their personality. What you see in public may very well be the exact opposite of what transpires behind closed doors. Pastors, priests, and parishioners of all faiths are prone to perversion and criminal impulses. Reading the bible and attending church does not exempt anyone from suspicion or proper prosecution.

Kay Ivey has committed herself to supporting the election of Roy Moore solely for one reason and one reason only. Governor Ivey has said that she has no reason to doubt Moore’s accusers but she will vote for him anyway because he’s a Republican and the U.S. Senate needs Republicans to get things done, such as voting for Supreme Court judges. Would you want Governor Ivey or Roy Moore making decisions that impact our justice system for decades to come? Haven’t their own lack of good judgment recused them from having such authority? Governor Ivey’s position is ludicrous. Let’s examine this abhorrent stance from different angles.

The governor says she has no reason to not to believe Moores accusers. That in of itself is mindboggling. By giving credence to the allegations and insisting on voting for Moore due to partisanship, she is basically excusing his behavior. Ivey is telling these women that their life-altering experiences don’t matter. Her choice to turn a blind eye towards Moore’s alleged sexual predation validates the fears of thousands and thousands of victims in America. Far too may times a woman is reluctant to report sexual misconduct by men because of fear. Fear of being shamed, fear of humiliation, fear of reliving the incident in court, fear of not being believed and fear of no proper punishment being brought forth onto the perpetrator.

Women are less likely to speak out when assaulted or taken advantage of by men in positions of power. If Roy Moore is allowed to stay in the race for senate and ultimately wins, with the support of the Governor of Alabama, that would be an injustice to victims rights and an affront to women everywhere. Her unwavering support is an extension of abuse.

Supporting Moore because of his affiliation further erodes the public’s trust, which is currently at an all-time low. It opens Pandora’s Box and nourishes the seeds of deceit and dishonesty in government. There would be no reason for pause by officials, with the knowledge that they would garner partisan support come Hell or high water. The atmosphere surrounding the Trump regime is already rife with conceit, corruption, and malfeasance.

Donald Trump himself is an admitted predator who relies on his position to force himself on women. He’s been accused by no less than 17 women of sexual predation. He hasn’t spoken a word about Roy Moore for two very obvious reasons. Moore is a member of the GOP and evangelical congregation that Trump has skillfully conned. Trump also realizes that by speaking against Moore he would, in fact, be speaking against himself and the accusations that he’s successfully dodged paying the price for thus far.

The GOP is making it easier and easier every day to plan, plot and executes their demise at the hands of voters. The idea that a governor would have the audacity to support a child molester for the sake of party is a sure sign to voters that she doesn’t have their best interest at heart. She and all those who support Roy Moore are writing their own political death certificates.

The kind of archaic ideology displayed by certain members of the GOP is no longer acceptable in today’s society. Suggesting that new rights were “created” in 1965, Moore gives the feeling that he longs for the days of oppression and segregation. Moore is, and old and outdated politician who was reared in the south when oppression and backward thinking was the norm. As Americans, we have all the information and motivation available to remove him and supporters like Kay Ivey. When these people show you who they really are, we must believe them. #RESIST and remove all enablers and perpetrators of corruption and sexual predation from the American government, no matter which side of the aisle they reside.

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