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AM Joy Panel Erupts In Laughter Over Trump’s Rambling, Misspelled Memo Tantrum

AM Joy’s panel erupted in laughter on Saturday morning as MSNBC host Joy Reid read Donald Trump’s new tweet about how the GOP memo “totally vindicates” him.

Trump referred to himself in the third person, improperly used “their,” and capitalized words at random. The simple act of reading the tweet left the AM Joy panel struggling to control their laughter.


“Donald Trump is awake and as he often does on the weekends, he’s commenting on the news of the day,” Reid said before reading the tweet, occasionally stopping to point out an incorrect or puzzling grammar choice on the part of the president.

“Jesus, be an English teacher. I don’t even know where to go first,” the MSNBC host added before the panel erupted into laughter.

The original tweet from the president came this morning from his Mar-a-Lago club:

Trump, of course, is rambling about the controversial Republican memo released yesterday, which was widely seen as a dud. The president and his supporters are latching onto it an effort to discredit the FBI and the Robert Mueller investigation.

But as Jason Easley noted a short time ago, the document released yesterday by Republicans – against the wishes of the FBI – does nothing to bolster Trump’s case. In fact, it only adds to the mounting pile of evidence that the president is obstructing this investigation.

“The memo put the Russia scandal back at the top of the news and sent Trump into another tailspin of self-delusion,” Easley wrote.

With the memo a massive failure and Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation moving toward Trump like a high-speed freight train, the president is becoming increasingly out of control and further losing his grip on reality.

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