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Trump’s New Communications Chief Questioned By Federal Investigators In Sexual Harassment Probe

Current Trump White House communications official/former Fox News boss, Bill Shine, has been questioned by federal investigators in their investigation of the Fox News sexual harassment scandal.

The New York Times reported:
Accusations that Mr. Shine enabled or covered up Mr. Ailes’s alleged sexual misconduct were aired most prominently in civil suits as well as legal complaints that led to out-of-court settlements with Fox News and its parent, 21st Century Fox. Mr. Shine was also of interest to prosecutors running a criminal investigation into Fox News’s handling of the sexual harassment complaints.

After receiving the federal subpoena last year, Mr. Shine did not testify to the grand jury but instead agreed to a voluntary interview with prosecutors from the United States attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, according to a person familiar with the situation. It is not known specifically what Mr. Shine was asked.

So far, Shine has struggled in his new White House role, Trump’s comments at the Putin press conference exploded, and the White House has been unable to contain or fix the damage. Much like the previous three people who have held his job, Shine is finding out that it is impossible for the White House to message when Trump sabotages them at every turn. The White House communications staff is nothing more than a cleanup detail that is constantly trying to interpret and spin Trump’s statements.

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Shine’s Fox News baggage of enabling sexual predators has followed him into the White House. Of course, to this White House what’s one more federal investigation in your midst when you have Robert Mueller and the Russia probe inside your walls. The fact that Trump would bring Bill Shine into the White House shows that this corrupt president gravitates toward people who share his lack of decency and values, and it sends a strong message to every single person who cares about sexual harassment and assault that this White House is your enemy.

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