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Eric Trump Blasts George Conway For ‘Utter Disrespect’ of Kellyanne

Donald Trump wants Michael Cohen to receive a “full and complete sentence” for cooperating with Mueller, but says Roger Stone has “guts” for keeping his mouth shut.

Thus we have the President of the United States tweeting praise for the guy who is not becoming a “rat,” just like any mob boss would do. And at the same time he is condemning the other guy who is doing his duty as a good citizen and cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

Trump should be keeping his mouth shut since he’s in the middle of an ongoing criminal investigation in which he is a co-conspirator. Of course he’s too narcissistic to listen to his lawyers’ advice to do this.

So for Bob Mueller Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Trump is committing witness intimidation and tampering in public, for all of his twitter followers to see.

Many legal experts have expressed their opinions that  Trump had committed  felonies by tweeting about Cohen and Stone. One such expert was Republican consultant George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband.

He tweeted:

“File under “18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1512.” This was in reference to the federal witness tampering statute.

So in response the president’s son, Eric Trump, decided to go off the deep end and start tweeting about Kellyanne Conway’s marriage. The young Trump posted this unhinged tweet last night:

“Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought SO hard to achieve, might top them all. Kellyanne Conway is great person and frankly his actions are horrible.”

Eric is clearly upset. As Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump are all facing the prospect of potentially being indicted and arrested at any time, Eric has decided to blast George Conway, as if it’s all his fault.

Conway’s comments of course attracted much attention because of his wife’s role in the administration. Mother Jones reporter David Corn tweeted:

“File under ‘This is a Big Deal.’ The husband of a top Trump White House adviser just essentially accused Trump of breaking the law with witness tampering.”

Then Conway tweeted back,

“File under ‘Stating the obvious.’”

Conway didn’t respond directly to Eric Trump but he did retweet several rebuttals posted by his supporters.

First, he shared a tweet from CNN legal analyst Renato Mariotti, who had asked Eric Trump,

“How does noting that your father engaged in witness tampering today disrespect Kellyanne Conway?”

Then Conway retweeted a post from the author Reza Aslan, who wrote;

“Wait. Did I miss something? Did George Conway pay money to have sex with a porn star right after his wife gave birth?”

The last tweet that Conway shared was from Ian Bassin, the executive director for the nonpartisan group Protect Democracy. He had his own re-interpretation of Eric Trump’s attack on Conway:

“Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect the Trumps show toward the rule of law, the presidency and its place of work, and everything this nation has fought SO hard to achieve might top them all. Donald Trump is terrible person and frankly his actions are horrible.”

Despite who he’s married to, George Conway hasn’t backed off his criticisms of the president. In November, he wrote a New York Times op-ed saying that the president’s appointment of  Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general was unconstitutional.

When reporters asked him for his thoughts on the piece, Trump replied.“You mean Mr. Kellyanne Conway?” “He’s just trying to get publicity for himself.”

And Kellyanne herself seems able to mostly ignore what her husband writes about her boss.

“It doesn’t affect me or my job at all,” she told “Fox News Sunday” in November. She then added:

“I’m sure the feminists are really cheering me on today, an independent, strong — strong-willed, strong woman in a very powerful position that disagrees with her husband.”

The truth is that the state of the Conway marriage is a very minor sideshow to the very major drama playing out in Washington. Her boss, Eric’s father, could soon be forced to leave the presidency because of the numerous crimes he’s committed.

At the same time the president committed multiple felonies in plain view, attempting to sabotage the special counsel’s Trump-Russia investigation, we also learned that Mueller is about to drop several bombs on Trump this week that will provide the public with much more information about Trump’s crimes.

It’s no wonder that Kellyanne and Eric are both looking for other things to talk about. Their main goal is to distract the public’s attention from what’s really important, but it won’t work. This could be the week that brings down the Trump presidency.

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