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Joe Biden Lights Up The Heartland As He Blasts Putin Puppet Trump Before Iowa Rally

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

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Joe Biden is rolling through Iowa and lighting up Trump as a Putin Puppet before the president’s rally in the Hawkeye State.

Joe Biden Takes On Trump In Iowa

Biden said:

Health care. Climate. Guns. National Security. All these issues and more are on the ballot.

But something else is on the ballot. Something even more important. Character is on the ballot. America’s character.

I don’t believe we’re the dark, angry nation we see in Donald Trump’s tweets.

I don’t believe we’re a nation that rips babies out of their mothers’ arms.

I don’t believe we’re a nation that builds walls and whips up hysteria over immigrant invasions.

I don’t believe we’re a nation that embraces white supremacists and hate groups.

I don’t believe we’re a nation that defers to Vladimir Putin.


Anyone who tells you that they know who is going to win Iowa is lying. Biden, Sanders, Warren, or Buttigieg all of have a chance to win on Monday night. Iowa is built for Bernie Sanders and the experience of running in 2016 should help him on Monday, but the Democratic primary is so much more than Iowa and New Hampshire.

Biden is the only candidate who is making a consistent argument on the issue that voters care most about, and that is beating Donald Trump.

Trump is coming to Iowa in an effort to upstage the Iowa caucus, but Biden met him at the door with a stinging attack on a president who appeals to the worst in the American nature and acts like he is owned by Putin.

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