Ivanka And Jared Will Hide At One Of Trump’s Golf Clubs Once They’re Booted From Washington

By 5 months ago

Recognizing that they won’t be welcome in New York or D.C. once Donald Trump leaves office, Jared and Ivanka are planning to escape to one of the outgoing president’s golf clubs in January when Joe Biden takes over.

At the moment, the two are drawing up plans for a “major addition” to their current “cottage” at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey, but they could also end up at Mar-a-Lago in the Sunshine State.

According to The New York Times, “As Manhattan awaits word of the Trump family’s return, the first daughter and her husband appear to be making preparations elsewhere: a Garden State refuge behind guarded gates, perhaps, or Florida, where President Trump is renovating his Mar-a-Lago estate.”

Either way, the report adds that “New York now seems inhospitable and nowhere in their plans.”

More from The New York Times:

Wherever they alight, Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner seem poised for a quick departure from Washington, where they always struggled to fit in. The couple had already expanded their “cottage” in New Jersey by 2,500 square feet in 2016, adding a basement and a fireplace sitting room, all documented by Ms. Trump on Instagram. The new plans before the Bedminster Township call for an expanded master bedroom, bath and dressing room, two new bedrooms, a study and a ground floor veranda, making it more comparable to the $5 million house they rent for $15,000 a month in the gilded Washington enclave of Kalorama.

Plans also call for adding five more “cottages” of 5,000 square feet each to the property, and a recreation complex with spa treatments and a “general store.” A friend of the family said Tuesday that the renovations have been going on for awhile, but Trump representatives are set to present the plans to the township on Dec. 3.

Ivanka and Jared will forever carry the Trump stain with them

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Ivanka and Jared hinted that they would be the voice of reason in what most Americans feared would be a chaotic administration.

As The New York Times put it on Tuesday, “When Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner moved to the nation’s capital, they had convinced many observers that they would be a moderating voice in the West Wing.”

After four years of corruption, incompetence, and self-enrichment, it’s pretty clear they never had any intention of putting their country first. All along, they’ve been complicit in the most dangerous presidency in history.

No matter where the two end up hiding out, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will forever carry with them the Trump stain.

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