Trump Pressures Pence To Overturn The Election. (Pence Can’t Overturn The Election)

Trump is so desperate that he is tweeting demands that Mike Pence overturn the election for him, which Pence can’t do.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s false claim has been fact-checked over and over again. Pence’s role is ceremonial. He has no actual power to do anything. Mike Pence can’t reject or refuse to seat

electors. His job is to announce the count. If the seating of electors is challenged, it is up to the Senate to vote and decide whether or not to accept them. If the Senate votes to reject a slate, the matter would then go to the House, which would need to agree for electors to be rejected.

The most uninformed president in American history is intentionally misleading the American people on the process and Pence’s role.

The Senate won’t vote against any of the electors.

Trump has no path to hang on to power and his public attempts to pressure Pence to do something that he does not have the power to do are the bumbling moves of a desperate fool who realizes that his life of crime is about to catch up to him in roughly two weeks.

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Jason Easley

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