Joe Biden

Joe Biden Is Delivering The Manufacturing Revival That Trump Promised

President Joe Biden is delivering the American manufacturing jobs that Donald Trump promised.

According to The Detroit Free Press, GM will be creating thousands of new jobs in Michigan, “In a big win for Michigan, General Motors will invest $7 billion in four manufacturing facilities, making the state the ‘hub’ of electric vehicle development and manufacturing. GM said Tuesday it will spend $2.6 billion to build a new battery factory in the Lansing area and $4 billion to convert its existing factory in Orion Township to make electric pickups. It will also spend about half a billion dollars to make upgrades to its two existing vehicle assembly plants in Lansing.”


White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain noted that American manufacturing is coming back:

Remember Trump’s Foxconn scam in Wisconsin where the government committed billions of dollars to a foreign company only to see the deal fall apart? How about the Carrier plant employees

whose jobs he promised to save only to see them get laid off?

For Trump, manufacturing was always a buzzword designed to get the votes of blue-collar workers. Donald Trump didn’t have a plan or any interest in trying to create those jobs.

Joe Biden came into office with a plan to rebuild American manufacturing and create good jobs as the nation starts building things at home again. So far, the Biden plan is showing signs of working.

President Biden is showing America what a difference it makes when a president can walk the walk.

Trump made many promises, but it’s Joe Biden who is delivering.


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