Joe Biden

Republicans Are In Chaos So The Media Is Trying To Divide Democrats

The Republican Party is in total chaos and is still being led by Trump, so the media has set out to divide Democrats.

The corporate media has learned nothing from their whiff on the midterm election red wave and has released a series of polls showing that most Democrats don’t want President Biden to run again.

The latest polling criticism of Biden is that Democrats aren’t ‘enthusiastic’ enough about his potential reelection:

One would think that media and their attempts to shape narratives to drive their coverage through polling would have learned from 2020 and 2022, but here we are again.

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The press is pushing a story that doesn’t match the reality of the change in voting patterns. It doesn’t matter if Biden is facing Trump or DeSantis in 2024, Democrats will show up and vote. The reason why the press is trying to construct this narrative of Democratic division over Biden is because the Republican Party is a disaster.

Suppose Trump is the 2024 GOP presidential nominee. In that case, the election won’t be competitive, and if the election isn’t close, public interest is reduced. This translates to fewer viewers and clicks for an already struggling political news industry, so the corporate media is trying to create a storyline that they hope will become a reality.

They did it with the red wave coverage in 2022. The corporate press and their narrative-based polling are trying to divide Democrats heading into 2024.

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