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Stampede Of Republicans Flip On Trump And Delay Georgia Indictments

One of the reasons why the Georgia criminal indictments have been delayed in the 2020 election case is that a number of Republicans are flipping and providing evidence about Trump’s plot to prosecutors.

The New York Times reported:

In January, Ms. Willis said that charging decisions in the investigation were “imminent.” But her timetable has been delayed, in part because a number of witnesses have sought to cooperate as the investigation has neared an end. Local law enforcement also needs time to prepare for potential security threats, a point that Ms. Willis emphasized in the letter.

Further complicating matters, Ms. Willis’s office filed a motion last week seeking the removal of a lawyer who is representing 10 Republicans who were part of a bogus slate of electors who sought to help Mr. Trump stay in power even after he lost the 2020 election in Georgia.

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What The New York Times left out of its report was that those witnesses who are flipping are Georgia Republican officials who participated in Trump’s fake elector plot. 

Georgia Republicans probably thought that they could ride out this investigation, but when it got close to time for the indictments to be released, they got nervous and flipped on Trump and his accomplices.

So many Republicans have come forward to provide evidence that it has created a conflict of interest for the lawyer who is representing them all.

The indictments are coming this summer, which is worse news for Trump than if they would have happened before the first Republican primary debate.

So many Republicans are rushing to provide evidence against Trump that they are delaying the indictment process.

Things are definitely not looking good for those who potentially violated the law to try to keep Trump in power.

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