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Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Fani Willis To Go After Rapists (Like Trump)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told Fani Willis to go after rapists, without realizing that a judge ruled that Donald Trump is a rapist.

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Greene said on Newsmax:

People everywhere are terrified of this government. This is something that we expect in third World countries that we expect in Communist regimes. But this is what we’re seeing in America today. You know, Rob, I live in a rural district. This is where people really want a dollar 75 gas back. They do not like the Biden policies, a lot of people on fixed incomes like senior citizens, single moms, just good working people are going month to month with their paychecks and maxing out their credit cards. With high inflation, high grocery bills, high electricity bills and high gas bills. But they’re watching the Biden regime actually tried to arrest President Trump locked him up in jail for the rest of its life, which is a death sentence and then go after his supporters across the state. It’s something that, it’s still shocking. I can’t even believe it happened yesterday.

But I want to tell you something about Atlanta Rob, and it’s really important for people to know. Atlanta has some of the highest crime in the country, Murder, rape. Carjacking and the state of Georgia is one of the worst states in the country for child sex trafficking, Just last week Homeland Security actually told me that every single month in the state of Georgia every month, men will buy a child for sex on average, 7200 times. Fani Willis should be going after child sex predators and traffickers. Connie Willis should be going after murderers, rapists, car theft, but that’s not Willis. 

A judge has ruled that Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll, so Willis is doing exactly what Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested. She is going after a rapist and trying to put him behind bars. Apparently, Greene doesn’t know that her hero is a rapist. If she wants child sex traffickers stopped, nobody should break the news to her about the allegations made against her pal Matt Gaetz.

Republicans have no credibility on crime, and while trying to defend Trump, Rep. Greene reminded everybody that the former president is a rapist.

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