Joe Scarborough tells evangelical Christians that they are supporting a rapist for president.

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Evangelical Hypocrites For Supporting Rapist Trump

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 12:59 am

Joe Scarborough told evangelical Christians that they are supporting a rapist by continuing to stick with Donald Trump.

Scarborough said:

Let’s say the same thing to my brothers and sisters that I grew up with in the evangelical church. They are now fiercely fighting for and backing a rapist, according to a judge, who said by the common definition of the term, Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll.

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That’s in the court of law. That’s not in, again, the pages of some left-wing journal. These are the same people who all collapsed on their fainting couch because Bill Clinton had a relationship with an intern back when he was in the White House. Said he was unfit to be President Of The United States. A judge has said Donald Trump is a rapist, and yet, they line up right behind him, just like these Republicans, who are all law and order and rule of law, continue to line up with the guy. They’re doing it in a way that’s eviscerating — or they’re attempting to eviscerate the rule of law, the Justice Department, and FBI in the process.


Jerry Falwell led evangelicals to sell out their faith for politics more than 40 years ago, so the situation is not new. The right-wing evangelical support for Donald Trump has put a magnifying glass on their hypocrisy and moved into full public display.

If conservative evangelicals truly voted based on their faith, they would not be supporting Donald Trump. They would support Mike Pence, Tim Scott, or some other candidate in the Republican presidential primary field who isn’t a walking embodiment of an insult to their faith.

Trump does more than embody an insult. He reportedly mocks and insults evangelicals behind closed doors.

Trump falls apart on the rare occasion when a voter asks him about his faith, and yet evangelicals continue to stand with this fraud and worship a false prophet.

Joe Scarborough was correct. Evangelical right-wingers are supporting a rapist, and the rest of the country should not allow them to sweep it under the rug as they promote their “Christian values.”

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