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Rep. Ted Lieu speaks on the House floor.

Rep. Ted Lieu Enters Judge’s Finding That Trump Is A Rapist Into The Congressional Record

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took to the House floor to submit Judge Kaplan’s finding that Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll into the congressional record.

Rep. Lieu said, “On July 19, 2023 federal Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Donald Trump’s request for a new trial and confirmed that Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll. I’m going to submit this Court ruling into the Congressional Record, and now I’m going to read you what the judge found.  On page 43 the judge wrote Miss Carol testified that the sexual assault the rape of which she accused Mr Trump involved especially painful forced digital penetration. The judge further writes the testimony of the outcry witnesses Miss Bernbach and Miss Martin corroborated the essence of Miss Carroll’s account of a violent traumatic sexual assault. On page 44 the judge wrote the jury’s finding of sexual abuse therefore necessarily implies that it found that Mr Trump forcibly penetrated her vagina. The judge further writes in other words that he raped her.”

Video of Rep. Lieu:

As House Republicans try to change the subject by pursuing an impeachment investigation of President Biden, Democrats are entering a judge’s finding into the permanent congressional record that Donald Trump is a rapist. MAGAs get really angry when they are confronted with the truth that their hero is a sexual predator who has been found to have committed rape in a court of law.

It isn’t conjecture or opinion. It’s a legal fact. Donald Trump is a rapist, and now it will forever be in the congressional record.

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