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Trump further incriminates himself in Bret Baier Fox News interview.

You Can Now Legally Call Donald Trump A Rapist

Not only did Trump lose his appeal of the E. Jean Carroll verdict, but Judge Kaplan wrote that the jury found that Trump raped Carroll.

Judge Kaplan wrote in the decision rejecting Trump’s motion for a new trial:

And since the jury’s answer to Question 1 demonstrates it was unconvinced that there was penile penetration, the only remaining conclusion is that it found that Mr. Trump forcibly penetrated her vagina with his fingers – in other words, that he “raped” her in the sense of that term broader than the New York Penal Law definition.

And this conclusion is fully supported by Ms. Carroll’s repeated and clear testimony on the digital penetration (more than the penile penetration), Dr. Lebowitz specifically mentioning Ms. Carroll squirming in response to an intrusive memory of Mr. Trump’s fingers in her vagina, and the evidence at trial taken as a whole. It also is bolstered by the amount of the jury’s verdict.

According to the jury, Kaplan goes on throughout the ruling to refer to Trump as having digitally raped Carroll. Trump did not just lose his appeal of the E. Jean  Carroll case. He has now been deemed a rapist by a jury of his peers. There is now a legal ruling that refers to Trump as guilty of rape.

This means that it is now technically correct to refer to Donald Trump as a rapist. Trump is not only a fraudster national security risk and coup mastermind. He is also a rapist.

Republicans are set to give their presidential nomination to a rapist.

That is the current state of the Republican Party.

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