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Hackers Break Into Trump’s Legal Defense Fund Website And Tell People Not To Donate

Hackers broke into Donald Trump’s legal defense fund website and posted a message about character that urged people not to donate to the ‘fraudulent’ fund.

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The message on Trump’s site:

The message:


Americans Get A Reminder That Character Matters


It has been troubling that the legacy media has refused to learn even though the polls have led them down the wrong path in every election since 2018, and they continue to look at a general election match-up more than a year before the election and proclaim that Trump and Biden are in a close race and Trump could win.

There remains a majority of the country that sees Trump for who he is, and the hacking of his legal defense fund website demonstrates that much of the country understands who Trump is and what he represents. They are not complacent. Unlike MAGAs, most of the nation isn’t living in a false reality.

Donald Trump is a threat, and his idea that America is only great when he is in power is an act of fraud.

Republicans might be willingly getting snowed by the con, but the vast majority of the country is not.

Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy and freedom. The nation has decent honest governance under Joe Biden and doesn’t need Trump’s low character grift draining our national self-esteem.

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