Lincoln Project

Watch This Amazing Lincoln Project Video Commending Biden For Creating One Of The Greatest Economies In US History

The Lincoln Project has released a new video commending President Biden for creating a record-shattering economy.

4 months ago

The Lincoln Project Just Released A Brutal Must Watch Take Down Of Elise Stefanik

The Lincoln Project ad calls Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) a backstabber who is on an evil quest for power and…

6 months ago

The Lincoln Project Devastates Fox, Steve Bannon, And The GOP For Supporting Putin

In a new video, The Lincoln Project called out Fox News, Steve Bannon, and the Republican Party for supporting Putin.

9 months ago

Lincoln Project Mocks Trump, Declares McConnell Leader of GOP in New Ad

The Lincoln Project has released a new ad mocking former President Donald Trump for his beef with Senate Minority Mitch…

1 year ago

Lincoln Project Mocks Trump: “The Swamp Won”

In its latest video, the Lincoln Project mocked former President Donald Trump, saying he "got played" by the Republican establishment,…

2 years ago

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let’s Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump but rather constitutes a long-standing Republican tradition and political practice that, far…

2 years ago

Opinion: Rob Portman’s Announced Departure Exposes Myth Of The “Principled Republican”

We keep hearing about splits in the Republican ranks between those who have sold their souls to the extremist arm…

2 years ago

Mike Pence Posts a Goodbye Collage but Trump Isn’t in Any of the Photos

When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, he didn't really have any political allies. So when Mike Pence…

2 years ago

Lincoln Project Co-Founder: To Whom Does Trump “Owe So Much Money, And What Are They Willing to Do to Ensure Repayment?”

In an op-ed for The Guardian, Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen says the New York Times story documenting years of President…

2 years ago

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Slams Trump’s “Collaborators” Who Question His “Republican Principles”

Michael Steel responded to criticism of his opposition to Donald Trump on Tuesday by calling out "collaborators" whom he suggested…

2 years ago

Ex RNC Head Michael Steele Joins The Lincoln Project

Due to family drama, the Lincoln Project recently lost a founding member in George Conway. While the lawyer says he…

2 years ago

As Kellyanne Conway Leaves the White House, Her Husband Says Trump Is Racist and Evil

George Conway thinks Donald Trump is racist and evil, according to remarks revealed as his wife, Kellyanne Conway, prepares to…

2 years ago

Lincoln Project Mocks Trump’s “Presidential Pouting” About Goodyear Tires

The conservative Lincoln Project will mock Donald Trump's calls to boycott Goodyear tires in a new ad aimed at voters…

2 years ago

Lincoln Project Triggers Trump With New Swing State Ad “The Real Joe Biden”

A new ad from the Lincoln Project will target swing states and run during this week's Democratic National Convention. The…

2 years ago

Lincoln Project Takes Aim at Trump in New Ad Featuring Ex-Trump Administration Appointees

The Lincoln Project has taken aim at President Donald Trump in a new ad featuring ex-Trump administration appointees. “The ad…

2 years ago

New Lincoln Project Ad Brands Jared Kushner “Secretary of Failure”

The Lincoln Project has slammed Jared Kushner as "Secretary of Failure" in a new ad highlighting the Trump administration's mishandling…

2 years ago

Critics Pile on Trump for Floating Election Delay: “He Knows He’s Going to Lose”

Donald Trump's suggestion that the election should be postponed was immediately met with outrage, mockery and dismissal on Thursday from…

2 years ago

Former Navy Seal Says Trump Has “No Such Respect” for Constitution in New Lincoln Project Ad

The Lincoln Project has made many headlines in recent weeks as it ramps up its ad campaign against President Donald…

2 years ago

Lincoln Project Ad Gets Twice As Many Views In 12 Hours As Tucker Carlson Gets All Week

While the right goes ga-ga over Tucker Carlson's ratings, The Lincoln Project got twice as many views for an ad…

2 years ago

Conservative Lincoln Project: Trump’s Given Us “Rocket Fuel” by Attacking Us

The conservative Lincoln Project is more than happy to accept Donald Trump's attacks because it helps them to raise money,…

2 years ago