Who Knew? Debate Over Switch to Permanent Daylight Savings Ignites Furious Passion

Most of us grew up knowing that time zones weren't a "thing" until the railroads were built and it became…

6 months ago

WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Accuses Kamala Harris of Promoting “Toxic Femininity”

Joe Biden has had quite a successful start to his presidency. Thanks to a large stimulus package and ramped-up vaccine…

11 months ago

Steve Bannon Says Pushing Bad Faith Critical Race Theory Argument Will Help GOP Take Back House in 2022

The 2020 Republican National Convention made one thing clear; the GOP has no agenda or platform. The party has move…

11 months ago

Report: Trump Would Have Fired FBI Director Wray Last Year, But Bill Barr Threatened to Quit

By the end of Donald Trump's term, all of the people considered to be the "adults in the room" had…

1 year ago

New Poll Shows That Even Trump Supporters Aren’t Interested in his Pathetic New Website

There are basically no social media sites that are willing to let Donald Trump use their platform. So the former…

1 year ago

Is Matt Gaetz’s Politician Father Using His Pull to Keep Republicans Quiet About His Son?

Matt Gaetz had a quick rise to political success. The Floridian became a Florida State Rep. by the age of…

1 year ago

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Calls Out GOP on Sexual Misconduct Double Standard

Andrew Cuomo is facing numerous and serious claims of sexual misconduct. At this point, the New York Governor has refused…

1 year ago

Opinion: What Trump Has Revealed About The Fragility And Strength Of U.S. Democracy

While we can repeat over and over again that Joe Biden was elected president of the United States and will…

1 year ago

Rumor: Bernie Sanders Is Angling To Be Biden’s Labor Secretary

When a candidate wins an election, it is typical that they reward the people that supported them with plum positions…

2 years ago

Report: Trump Staffers Are Furious President Won’t Fire Mark Meadows

In the last two weeks, an astonishing number of people connected to Donald Trump have come down with COVID-19. And…

2 years ago

Trump’s False Campaign Promise Is the Real Story behind Tax Bombshell Report

The best chance of shifting America‚Äôs popular mind might be to focus on these campaign promises, keeping the conversation on…

3 years ago

Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Oppose Trump’s Effort To Deport 800,000 Dreamers

Trump's DACA decision puts himself squarely on the wrong side of American history and public opinion. What's new?

5 years ago

GOP Senators Admit That Trump Is Obsessed With Ending The Russia Investigation

"It seems he is just always focused on Russia," one senior GOP aide said, according to Politico.

5 years ago

Trump War On The Media Backfires As Press Vows To Keep Reporting The Facts

President Trump tried to punish the press by keeping outlets out of a press briefing who are reporting on his…

5 years ago

Republican Gov. John Kasich Frantically Backtracks After Being Caught Praising Obamacare

Ohio Governor John Kasich spent his Monday night calling up different media outlets after the Associated Press ran an article…

8 years ago