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SNL Shreds Trial Riddled Mentally Declining Trump

SNL Shreds Trial Riddled Mentally Declining Trump

SNL used its cold open to have Trump interrupt the Republican debate that featured ripped-from-the-headlines gaffes and his New York…

3 weeks ago

SNL Turns Jim Jordan And House Republicans Into A National Joke

SNL hit the nail on the head as they had a frustrated Jim Jordan wondering why he did everything that…

1 month ago

SNL Shreds Trump For Comparing Himself To Jesus

SNL used their Easter show to skewer Trump for comparing himself to Jesus as he has been criminally charged.

8 months ago

Republicans Are Officially A Joke After SNL Nails Mitch McConnell

SNL perfectly captured the way that Sens. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins twist and bend to support Trump.

5 years ago

SNL Hilariously Mocks Barr and Trump For Spinning the Mueller Report

Robert DeNiro was on “Saturday Night Live” again last night doing an outstanding job playing the role of former special…

5 years ago

In Twitter Rage, Trump Threatens FCC Action Against SNL

Donald Trump on Sunday attacked a Saturday Night Live (SNL) rerun for making jokes at his expense. The popular NBC…

5 years ago

Trump Demands ‘Retribution’ Against NBC for SNL ‘Hit Job’

Donald Trump’s mental state has been questioned many times. Psychologists have analyzed his lack of mental health and raised real…

5 years ago

Alec Baldwin Destroys Trump in SNL ‘Cold Open’

Last night’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) brutally mocked Donald Trump for declaring a bogus national emergency to build his border…

5 years ago

Steve Martin Nails Roger Stone on Saturday Night Live

All-time favorite comedian Steve Martin returned to Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night to play newly-indicted adviser to President Donald…

5 years ago

Alec Baldwin Perfectly Skewers Trump Corruption On SNL

Alec Baldwin reprised his classic role as an unhinged Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night and it…

6 years ago

Melissa McCarthy’s Wrecking Of Sean Spicer Takes Trump To Rock Bottom

Melissa McCarthy's latest satire of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed that the American people had lost all faith…

7 years ago

SNL And Alec Baldwin Pull Off The Most Brilliant Take Down Of Trump Supporters Yet

Alec Baldwin's latest turn as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live featured a brilliantly clever reflection of the truth about…

7 years ago

Alec Baldwin Blows Trump’s Ratings Out Of The Water In Record Setting SNL Episode

The ratings are in, and they are bad news for President Trump. Alec Baldwin's Trump impression is so popular that…

7 years ago

Alec Baldwin Offers To Stop Doing His SNL Impression If Trump Releases His Tax Returns

After President-elect Donald Trump had complained about Alec Baldwin's impression of him on Saturday Night Live, the actor offered to…

7 years ago

Trump Descends Into Madness With Claim That SNL Is Rigging The Election For Clinton

Donald Trump is claiming that Saturday Night live is out to get him and that the late night comedy show…

7 years ago

Pat Boone Wants Blasphemy Laws to Punish Saturday Night Live

Boone says “there should be regulations that prohibit blasphemy” because SNL made fun of Christians pretending to be persecuted

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Loofah, Lies And Videotape

Friday Fox Follies highlights Bill O'Reilly's continued issues with the truth, Andrea Tantaros accusing the White House of being anti-Semitic…

9 years ago

Fox News Contributor Moronically States That Obama Is Using World Cup As A Distraction

During Thursday's airing of Fox News' Outnumbered, the network's resident psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, amazingly claimed that President Obama is…

9 years ago

Mo’ Money, No Personality: Watch Mitt Romney Get Palined

Saturday Night Live encapsulated and amplified Mitt Romney's weakest points for posterity, and it's as devastating as Tina Fey's Sarah…

12 years ago

SNL’s Latest Hammers the Last Nail into Christine O’Donnell’s Political Coffin

Christine O'Donnell's fading hopes in her US Senate race were likely completely killed off last night, when SNL perfectly spoofed…

13 years ago