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Conservatives Freaked Out By Lesbian Farmers

Rush Limbaugh insists that Democrats "are trying to bust up one of the last geographic conservative regions in the country."

6 years ago

Trump Supporters Continue to Fantasize About Women Liking Trump

Curtis Ellis says the ladies - "often the keeper of the family budget" - dig Trump's "economic nationalism message."

6 years ago

Joseph Farah Offers Bizarre, Nonsensical Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Farah says Cruz is the 'real deal,' a new Reagan when all Democrats Sanders and Clinton offer us is the…

6 years ago

White Supremacists Think Trump Will Save them From Fantasy Oppression

White supremacists, convinced they are somehow an oppressed group, think Donald Trump will lead them to a mysterious promised land

6 years ago

David Barton Finds Someone Dishonest Enough to Republish His Jefferson Lies

David Barton got his book of lies about Jefferson back into print again, thanks to the liars at World Net…

6 years ago

Please Do Tell, Benham Brothers, Why We Liberals Hate Christmas

The Benham brothers don't experience reality like the rest of us, so their explanation of why we liberals hate Christmas…

6 years ago

Right Wing Loses it Over DOJ’s Announced Domestic Terrorism Counsel

Now that the Department of Justice has created a new position to combat domestic terrorism, conservatives, as predicted, are hopping…

7 years ago

CPAC: Icky Brown People Are Destroying our Country

Republicans have sold their souls, assuming they have any, to white nationalists who believe mixing races is rebellion against God

7 years ago

The GOP’s Gay Sex Obsession Hurts America – Can We Get Some Jobs?

I'm not seeing anything remotely relevant or meaningful coming out of right wing circles any time soon, until they work…

7 years ago

Conservatives Can’t Find Their Way to the Future Because They Can’t Understand the Past

Context is everything, and in willfully misrepresenting the past, Republicans create a false premise upon which to build their plans…

7 years ago

Fox & Friends Invoke Chuck Norris Over Religious Diversity in Our Public Schools

A Maryland school board removed all religious holidays from its calendar, angering Norris - would adding Muslim holidays have made…

8 years ago

Joseph Farah Laments Fox News’ Liberal Biases

Joseph Farah wishes to point out that useful as Fox News is, it isn't WND, the home of wingnut excess.

9 years ago

SEAL Team 6 Gate Replaces Benghazi as Worst Scandal Ever

Benghazi was bigger than Watergate (and apparently, 9/11 as well) but "Seal Team 6-Gate" is bigger even than Benghazi! (and…

9 years ago

Obama Impeachment and the Republican Presidential Shoe Shine Boy Fantasy

The truth behind the calls for impeachment is that Republicans won't be happy until President Barack Obama is reduced to…

9 years ago

The GOP’s Vorpal Blade of Cognitive Dissonance Goes Snicker-Snack!

Reality is the ultimate enemy of Republican ideology, so Tom Tancredo picks up his vorpal blade and shows himself asylum-ready

10 years ago

The Lies Used to Portray Obama as an anti-Constitutionalist

Matt Barber calls quotes anti-Constitutionalist Patrick Henry to defend the Constitution and to portray Obama as the anti-Constitutionalist

10 years ago

World Net Daily Scandalized! Moses Led Muslims Out of Egypt?

WND says those nasty Palestinians are re-writing the Passover story. The problem is that the Qur'an says that Moses led…

10 years ago

Cracks On the Right as the Birthers Amp up Their Feud with Glenn Beck

Not many people have noticed, but something very interesting has happened within the right wing of American politics. It seems…

12 years ago