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Harry Reid Stands Up to the Koch Brothers and Chops Down the GOP Man-Gods

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Sunday, April, 6th, 2014, 9:55 am

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Harry Reid

In America, there are two mortal sins that few Americans dare to breach out of fear of harsh penalties even though the 1st Amendment guarantees them freedom of speech. Although the sins are not part of any religious texts, including the Christian bible, they are very closely related and regarded as heresy. Heresy is speaking about a belief or opinion that does not agree with the “official” belief or opinion of a particular group. Republicans crusade to penalize Americans as heretics for criticizing the religious right for unconstitutionally forcing aberrant Christian beliefs on the entire population, and like condemning Christians for ramming their religion down Americans’ throats, criticizing Republicans’ true god in public is a mortal sin. No, it is not GOP man-god Ronald Reagan; it is about criticizing their two-headed John Birch man-god and financial backers the Koch brothers.

An inconvenient truth is causing trouble by speaking about something that agrees with the facts or in accordance with the actual state of affairs, and is typically so painfully accurate that the only recourse is calling truth lies or resorting to a typically male response to a woman speaking and calling them crazy. Over the past few weeks, one politician has told the unbridled truth about the Kochs, and Republicans considered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Koch criticism religious heresy and, lacking truth or facts to refute Senator Reid’s assertions, they followed the patriarchal approach to women and accused Reid of lying and claimed he is mentally ill and off his medication. It is apparent that Reid hit a raw nerve with Republicans because they made absurd claims to defend their lying John Birch man-god and resorted to personal attacks to accuse Harry Reid of heresy. Republicans are apoplectic over Reid committing the mortal sin of telling the truth about the Koch brothers, accusing Republicans of being addicted to Koch, and labeling the Kochs un-American; something every American familiar with the John Birch acolytes knows is true.

Republicans went on the offensive to defend the Koch gods and were joined by Charles Koch who wrote a lie-filled op-ed in the Wall Street Journal claiming he championed environmental causes and better opportunities for Americans and accused critics of “engaging in character assassination instead of encouraging free and open debate.” He said “collectivists strive to discredit and intimidate opponents” that lent credence to the belief Reid, and Senator Bernie Sanders, are intimidating the rich and powerful Koch brothers. Koch’s “woe is me” op-ed drew praise from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Chair Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) whose devotion to Charles Koch led him to waste taxpayer money and time in the Senate on Thursday to read the GOP man-god’s op-ed into the congressional record. That is right. Moran was so distressed over Reid’s truthful comments about Kochs he inserted Charles’ self-promotion image piece into our nation’s permanent legislative record as proof the Kochs own and operate the Republican Party. It is highly likely Senate Republicans were astonished Reid had the temerity to condemn the preponderance of Koch’s “phony” Obamacare horror stories as patently “untrue.” A plain-talking collectivist would have called them dirty filthy lies, but Harry Reid is no ordinary collectivist and when he speaks quietly, people listen, and Republicans listened to the truth about the Kochs.

For his part, Harry Reid exhibited his boxer mindset and was unfazed by the toddler-punches Republicans threw at him and said, “Most people here are familiar with the Koch brothers. I’ve helped make them a little more infamous or famous, and I’m glad I’ve done that. These two men are a pair of shadowy billionaires spending millions of dollars to rig our political system. And who does it help? Them.” Unlike Republicans, Reid’s assertions are founded in truth according to the Washington Post which shows the Koch’s political networks spent at least $407 million in the 2012 elections alone; there is no telling how much dark money they spent to benefit themselves. Since conservatives are unable to refute Reid’s inconvenient truth about their money man-gods, they resorted to personal attacks and recruited some of their truly best and brightest Koch sycophants to assail the Senate Majority Leader.

For example, Sharron “2nd Amendment remedy” Angle, said Thursday that, “There’s something going on with Harry Reid’s mental state and we need to really be concerned about it.” Mike “lying preacher-man” Huckabee said, “Poor Harry Reid. Either he is off his meds and he clearly needs some assistance immediately — he needs to be rushed to an emergency room — or the man is just brazenly unable to tell the truth.” Congressional representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said, “I didn’t think Mormons used drugs. … I think the longer you stay in political office, the more detached you become from reality.”

Fox Republicans joined Kochs’ defense team with Steve Doocy saying, “It does look like Harry Reid is a very powerful guy who is either — I read one blog that said he’s either having a nervous breakdown or he’s simply somebody who lies about lies.” Fox News contributor Bo Dietl took Harry Reid’s rejection of Koch’s godhead very personal and said, “Look at that moron there. That guy from Nevada. Uhhhlll. What’s his name there. … Harry Reid is brain dead. He isn’t well. You know what? It’s time. He’s got to be wearing Depends the way he talks because he doesn’t remember when he went to the bathroom last.”

So, because Harry Reid refuses to worship at the Koch altar and tells the truth about the John Birch corporate fascists he is mentally ill and lying? Christian fundamentalists make the same claims about secular humanists because they fail to acquiesce to the religious rights’ demand all Americans obey their abbero-christian edicts, and condemn them as liars because they use scientific facts and empirical data to support their opinions as a matter of course. It is no exaggeration that Republicans are devoutly religious in their support of the Kochs and their all-out personal attacks on Harry Reid reek of an Inquisitor defaming a heretic. Obviously, the Kochs are intimidated that Democrats are violating the GOP’s unwritten law that their two-headed god shall not be questioned or criticized and it is precisely the same Republican reaction to Americans criticizing religious right fascists for ramming their Christo-fascist edicts down everyone’s throats.

Republicans likely gave their man-god Charles Koch advice to resort to the religious rights’ persecution complex defense, and when that failed to garner public support, they resorted to a typical patriarchal response to a woman and claimed Harry Reid is mentally ill for daring to tell the truth about the poor beleaguered Kochs. Charles Koch complained that “instead of encouraging free and open debate, collectivists strive to discredit and intimidate opponents. They engage in character assassination,” and it is the same assertion Republicans make about President Obama and Democrats and yet they refuse to debate because the facts prove they are liars in the same vein as their two-headed god the Koch brothers. If Charles Koch or Republicans truly want a “free and open debate” about the Koch brothers, then let them debate Harry Reid, or this collectivist, in public any time because they will be discredited and their lying fascist characters will be revealed as compulsive pathological liars; a true mental illness.


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