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Chick-Fil-A Gets Fileted

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 11:55 am

When right winged radio and news organization like Fox try to spin the bigoted and homophobic comments as free speech and criticizes elected officials as being the bad entity, it tends to backfire and the liberal media seems to be flying high exposing the religious spew coming from the right. It is so bad that Republicans are calling upon their conservative LGBTQ members the Log Cabin…and their leader is responding.
Executive Director, Log Cabin Republican: R. Clarke Cooper is calling upon the conservative Christians LGBTQs to stop the boycott according to his post:

Enough about Chick-fil-A already. Yes, what Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy said about gay marriage “shaking a fist at God” was offensive, especially for gay people of faith. And yes, the parodies and memes were funny, the first dozen times around. With politicians and media seemingly on their side, some gay people feel like they have Chick-fil-A on the butcher’s block, and now’s the time to drop the cleaver. While the anti-Chick-fil-A crusade may score political points in the liberal enclaves of Boston and Chicago, where [Democratic] mayors are seeking to cast the restaurant chain into exile, in America’s heartland it is costing us hard-earned support among conservatives, moderates and independents. Municipal bans on private business also raise serious constitutional concerns.

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Regardless of party, what allegiance does the Log Cabin have to LGBTQs? Even conservative LGBTQs? Usually, special interests groups tend to support those with the common belief to change things. During the 1980s, Japanese American activist group NCRR (National Coalition for Redress and Reparations) were lobbying for redress and reparation for more than 60,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry who were illegally incarcerated and placed into concentration camps during WWII.

Their goal was to pass H.R. 442, the Civil Liberties Act of 1987. The bill passed in both the House and Senate, and former President Ronald Reagan signed the bill to law P.L. 100-383. The NCRR concentrated on the one goal and accomplished it successfully. NCRR (Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress) changed their name and are now concentrating on civil rights, with an emphasis on the Japanese American community.

Yet the Log Cabin Republicans tend to not follow that approach and fail to make any effort to work with any LGBTQ groups promoting rights and fighting against prejudice of people who marry, love, live with someone of the same sex. On Facebook, there was a Log Cabin Group who promoted common law and not marriage. Not demanding equality, but a separate but equal-type relationship.

Were they disillusioned by DADT (which President Obama overturned) or DOMA (which the Obama administration want to overturn) or is their goal merely to be accepted in the RNC as an abused child, and are willing to be accepted by donating to the RNC or are leaders like Cooper who appears to be merely in it for the finance?  But the comments made by Cooper is incorrect.

First of all, any municipality can ban any corporation it deems not acceptable to the community in which the business want to reside in. Apparently, Cooper failed to remember the 9/11 Mosque? Funny though how the right winged Christians conveniently forgot the 9/11 sex shop.

Why is it that no one from the Log Cabin stood up to the right winger hate mongering and question the Constitutionality of banning Mosques? Even former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in a back-handed way supports banning corporations. A church, mosque or temple is a nonprofit corporation, and if Cain and the rest of the dredge from the Republican party support banning of religious places, then it’s all fair game.

Secondly: Being a corporation is not a Constitutional right but a privilege. This privilege extends the employers: tax breaks, the use of the commons, use of clean water, electricity, clean air, prompt first responders, while their ultimate goal is to make a profit. And corporation are not human being. California for example bans discrimination against LGBTQs and the basic philosophy goes against the visions long-held by the people of California…where everyone is created equal.

Yet I find it ironic that the fearless leader of the Log Cabin is standing with Chick-Fil-A and their homophobic philosophy, and blames Democratic mayors for the protests. Really? According to the group YouGov formerly PollingPoint, an apolitical survey group seems to think otherwise:

Chick-Fil-A Customers

Full disclosure: I am a pollster for YouGov but did not participate in this survey. But many of the pollsters anonymously choose their answers. And apparently, the bigoted comments seems to be taking a toll on sales. Even if Chick-Fil-A is a private corporation, poor sales would still hurt their bottom line. And regardless of who is trying to defend the religious intolerance of LGBTQs, it just goes to show that we on the left can make things happen…even without the government intervention.

Liberal and progressive shows are speaking about this and the impact from talk shows and blogs reach deeply into the depth of the psyche of the average person. Even PoliticusUSA makes an impact, and there are more supporters for LGBTQ rights than there are the hate-monsters out there. Because, when the right speak and vomit their violence, more people are retaliating and making their voices heard…ask Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure that Clear Channel is doing their best to staunch the bleeding Limbaugh created.

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