Racism At Center Of GOP Movement As More Whites Became Republican During Obama Years

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Gallup released the results of a study on Monday showing the racial breakdown of political party affiliation since 1995. What the study revealed, and what most people have already figured out, is that with the election of President Obama in 2008, more white Americans have shifted party allegiance to the Republican Party, or have at least indicated they lean Republican. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to enjoy a huge advantage among non-whites, with almost no change in Democratic preference from the Clinton and Bush presidencies.

In 2008, nearly the same number of whites preferred the Democratic Party as they did the Republican Party. Starting in 2009, the trend line started to shift back towards the GOP. By 2010, during the Tea Party wave in the midterms, Republicans held a 12-point advantage with white people. The gap grew even larger in 2011, when it grew to 14 points. Since then, it has regressed a bit, but Democrats are still in the hole with whites by a full 10 points.

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While Republicans have seen an uptick in white voters, Democrats have kept the same large advantage among minority voters. The percentage of minority voters who identified as Democratic as opposed to Republican in the Clinton and Bush years is almost exactly the same as during the first five years of the Obama presidency.

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The problem for Republicans, of course, is that the country is becoming less and less white. While appealing to the raw emotional reaction that many white voters had when they saw a black man elected President, the Republican Party was able to utilize that to gain Congressional victories in 2010. However, they still saw a huge defeat in the Presidential election in 2012 and lost House and Senate seats as well. The short term gains they enjoyed in 2010 couldn’t be sustained.

While some Republicans have admitted that they need to do more to reach out to minorities and women, the problem lies not in their messaging, but the message itself. On top of that, they have a core group of white voters who feel more and more isolated and believe that their country ‘has left them behind.’ The question for the GOP is how do you pull in more non-white voters while still convincing your hardcore base that you are for white ethnocentrism? At the same time, how do you gain a majority of women voters when you push for policies that try to keep women subservient and at the mercy of men?

Will the Republican Party learn? Will they try to get behind more inclusive policies and try to lessen the offensive rhetoric towards minorities? It is doubtful. It appears that Republicans feel they will retain the House in the midterms and perhaps even pickup the Senate majority. Therefore, there is no reason for them to go from what they know. They will continue to move in a more conservative direction until it finally becomes unsustainable.

For now, the GOP movement is going to focus on voter suppression as their main minority outreach program. It won’t work in the end. Besides becoming less white, this country is also becoming more liberal. Any gains the GOP sees in the midterm elections this year will be temporary. If they continue to be the party of white privilege and identification, they will quickly become a regional party with no hopes of winning the Presidency or holding onto either Congressional chamber.


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  1. When the GOTP has gone the way of the dinosaur we will have at last a truly free and equal nation.The above photo of a Myth Robme rally shows America they way they want it Red necks White skin and Blue hair. And NO you ignorant racist rectums CAN NOT have OUR country back!

  2. I can’t believe they needed a study to figure that out. All you had to do was watch the 2012 repugnant convention. As the cameras panned the audience it looked like a klan rally. Yes, believe it or not my friends and I sat around having a few and making fun of the whole event. My personal favorite was Clint and his chair. Clearly for got his meds that day.

    Anyhow, as for this old white guy the repugnant party can kiss my…..

  3. Lets think for a second that whites are still the vast majority of this country. around 17% hispanic, 13-15% black and the rest are not eskimos. That’s still at minimum 65% white.

    The real story will be when Hillary runs and if the whites come back to the dem party.Will the white men vote for a white woman?

  4. I think the attendance figures for the diversity seminar at the latest CPAC convention makes this pretty self-evident

  5. The real story will be when Hillary runs and if the whites come back to the dem party.Will the white men vote for a white woman?

    No unless you’re a young white male. The majority of older white males will still vote against their interest

  6. I am white. I am a woman. I will never vote repub. Any woman who votes repub is a traitor to her gender.

    Just wait until those dumb dumb whites need something. The repubs will just laugh at them.

  7. I find fault in this…you cannot tell me that our President was elected by minorities alone….there was a heck of a lot of white people that voted for the man!!! I am white and over 60 and a devoted Democrat as was my Dad!! I was raised during the 60’s …do you really think all of us that picketed against war and Vietnam…that wore peace signs on our clothes and rebelled against the establishment have all and went to the other side??? I think not!!! What we see here IS since President Obama was elected the first time, every redneck, racist and their kin has crawled out from under every rock and have let their stupidity loose on society!!! They kept hidden under their rocks for a long time…but now are voicing their stupidity and ignorance and unfortunately a lot of them are white. They were drawn out on purpose by the Koch bros and their organizations knew which rocks to look under…spreading their hate and racism to new dimensions!!! It turns my stomach!!!

  8. I was just thinking, I wonder how many of those registered repugnants are openly or secretly LGBTQ? I wonder how they really voted, or will vote when they walk into that booth?

  9. This does not seem to take into account the Independent voters. I am a registered Independent. I left the Republican party during this last election, the rhetoric and platform was so overwhelming WMOF (white male over 40). The insensitivity to women’s issues and disregard, actually make that disdain, for the poor was not the party I want to be in any longer. Does that make me a Dem? No. But I am more likely now to vote for a DEM depending on their background and policies. I remained a Repub as a fiscal conservative but on social issues have always been liberal. They tipped the scale in the wrong direction by letting the religious right and T-partiers take over the party. I vote with open eyes and don’t think rich Dems are voting in our favor or trying hard enough to create a more fair tax system, taking back corp tax cuts/subsidies, and fighting vehemently for campaign reform either. Color me cynical and disillusioned. And I’m no Hilary advocate but I’d vote for Senator Warren.

  10. I’d like to know the average age of these new Republican voters because NOBODY under the age of about 40 is enamored with the GOP and their antiquated ways.

    This may be a problem, but it’s a temporary one, because the GOP is so much older and frankly, they’re dying off. I mean, you can’t alienate, the gays, Hispanics, blacks, women and younger voters and win ANYTHING.

    The Republican party is on life-support and the bad thing for them is that they are seemingly blind to what is happening. They’re pathetic.

  11. But Obama still won in 2012.

    The problem for Democrats are the midterms. If we vote, we win. Each and every time.

  12. I am white, I am a grandma and our president is the best in my lifetime, I voted for him twice and even before he ran for president (when he spoke at the democratic convention) I told my husband that he would be president one day. I am proud I was right.

  13. Mississippi Republican state senator and tea party U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel explains why he recoils from modern America:

    “Millions in this country feel like strangers in this land. You recognize that don’t you? An old America is passing away; a new America rising to take its place. We recoil from that culture. It’s foreign to us. It’s offensive to us,” McDaniel said; his cadence wouldn’t have been out of place on stage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

  14. The GOP knows it has awaken the sleeping dragon. They hate that the White House is occupied by a Black Family. They also hate it’s a black man that have the POWER to implement and make decisions concerning the USA and around the world. Sundown Towns are hidden dimension of American racism, they are many of them throughout our country. “ANNA” (Ain’t No N_ Allowed)

    The do nothing congress and senate republicans is their primary goal. Eventually, everybody suffers because of their inept logic. This coming Mid-term elections in November is DO or DIE. VOTE!!!

  15. The GOP has been using racism to lure the neanderthal caucasian republican for decades, and when president Obama got elected they just said the hell with dog whistle racism! just let it all hang out! The GOP first and foremost is intended for rich, white southern males, they just tolerate women and the stray house negro who foolishly believes that the GOP loves them for their vote! This article just proved my earlier post today, “MANY” caucasian democrats voted for reagan because of his fake hollywood image! the black community saw him for what he REALLY was! a neo con, B- RATED actor!! are all republicans racist? of course not, but if your apart of a group that uses race, gender, sexual orientation to scare low information voters to join you, YOUR apart of the problem

  16. This ole white boy has always had more in common with my black friends, to hell with the republicans.

  17. Also, too, watching the sorry excuses that pass for journalist and main stream media and right-wing garbage on the public air waves gives a pretty good idea of why whites are moving to the gop.

  18. There’s a sure cure for what ails McDaniel and others like him, but I seriously doubt they’d want to exercise the option.

  19. Amen to that, Joan. I, too, voted for Obama twice and am proud of it.

    President Obama is brilliant, civil, kind, humble and compassionate and a wonderful family man.

    Forbes voted Pres. O as one of the top three influential people in the world.
    And I like that very much!

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