Eric Holder Humiliates Crazy Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert During Committee Hearing

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Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) questioned Attorney General Eric Holder in a House Judiciary Oversight Hearing on the Department of Justice on Tuesday. He brought up Fast and Furious, Holy Land Foundation Documents and contempt. The full exchange erupted in fireworks.


After spending a couple of minutes accusing the Attorney General of providing documents to terrorists but refusing to give those same documents to members of Congress, Rep. Gohmert pushed the AG to once again give him him what he wanted. When Holder tried to answer Gohmert and point out that he has provided Gohmert, and other members of Congress, the documents they have requested, Gohmert insulted the AG by bringing up his contempt charge from 2012.

Below is the specific exchange from the hearing on Tuesday:

GOHMERT: I’ve read you what your department promised and it is inadequate. And I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our Attorney General but it is important that we have proper oversight.

HOLDER: You don’t want to go there, buddy, alright? You don’t want to go there, ok?

GOHMERT: I don’t want to go there?

HOLDER: No. You should not assume that that is not a big deal to me. I think it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust, but never think that that was just a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.

GOHMERT: Well I’m just looking for evidence, and normally we’re known by our fruits, and there have been no indications that it was a big deal because your department has still not been forthcoming in producing the documents that were the subject of the contempt.


After that point, there was a lot of crosstalk with both men essentially yelling at each other. Holder tried to point out that this whole ‘Fast and Furious’ thing centered around the gun lobby, while Gohmert yelled back and pointed out that he was merely trying to find out why ‘a couple hundred Mexicans’ died. Somehow, in classic Gohmert fashion, he flipped the script and tried to talk about gay marriage. Basically, Gohmert was trying to start the whole ‘religious freedom’ talk again, bringing up how businesses should have the right to discriminate against gay couples and trying to engage a clearly exasperated Holder in a debate.

After Gohmert’s five minutes were up, Holder completely humiliated Gohmer by saying “good luck with your asparagus.” HAHA!


This is an obvious reference to Rep. Gohmert’s nonsensical remark last year during another tense exchange between the two. At that time, after Gohmert had been warned by the chair about his conduct, he ended his questioning with the now infamous phrase, “The Attorney General will not cast aspersions on my asparagus.”



Holder obviously thinks Gohmert is completely not worth his time anymore and is just tired of dealing with the grandstanding Tea Partier. Everything Gohmert does is aimed at getting him some airtime and to prove to the Tea Party faithful that he truly is the craziest one in the House. The Attorney General is sick of playing games with this charlatan and made sure to dismiss him like the fool that he is.



36 Replies to “Eric Holder Humiliates Crazy Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert During Committee Hearing”

  1. HA HA HA HA HA! Eric Holder is a very, very smart man and an excellent attorney. That’s why Obama selected him. Holder having a battle of wits with this clown is like battling an unarmed man. Gohmert is a mental midget. The author was exactly right just more grand standing for the teabaggers.

    I have to admit he lost me when he went to the gay rights thing. It was like my GPS just malfunctioned. That is typical republispeak though. Once you start besting them in a conversation they switch subjects. If he wants those documents clearly he need to become a “better negotiator”.

  2. doesn’t someone have to be self-aware to be humiliated? my cat shows more humiliation when she tries to jump on the bathroom counter and misses and slips…

  3. This guy was a Judge? Was he one of those “Get drunk at lunch and sleep through the afternoon sessions” judges?

  4. That’s because there is an immediate unpleasant consequence for your cat in that situation. Gohmert is going to suck the teat of Texas until the day he rides off to into the sunset of his lobbyist job. Nothing anyone says or does to bring his idiocy to light is ever going to hurt him so “no worries”, in his opinion.

  5. The billionaires and their religiously gullible tea party idiots and the ignorant white men will not give up guys.

    We’re going to have to meet them head on, and there will be battles.

    Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayon, seem to grasp that they cannot continue to take punch after punch hoping they will stop and go away.

    They won’t.

    This is ugly and going to get uglier.

    All Democrats need to get riled up, and finally, finally fight these sick republican bastards.

    Now, they clock is ticking on ecological catastrophe, and they act like nothing is wrong.

    Freaking amazing, the religiously insane.

  6. I guess I shouldn’t be suprised that there are more than enough trailer parks in his district to keep re-electing him…

    as for the immediate consequences for the cat… she’s just unhappy she didn’t get fresh water…

    how much do you suppose Louis uses for his asparagus crop?

  7. What these RADICAL right-wingers can’t
    seem to get through their thick skulls
    is that Americans elected Barack Obama
    as President of the USA, not once but
    TWICE! So when they try to throw mud
    at him or his cabinet they are not going
    to win the favor of Americans. They are
    just causing people to tune them out.
    They don’t see what America has become.
    More accepting, inclusive.
    Their message of Hate & Fear is old & stale.
    I have no problem with leaving them in the
    past where their outdated ideas belong.

  8. louie gohmert, doesn’t the name itself speak volumes?? how about jed clappett?? dale dumpster?? billyjoe uptight?? you know damn well that backwater, inbred HICK was doing his best to rattle Eric Holders cage!! see gohmert is doing the same garbage willard rommey did when he spoke at the NAACP!! being over the top disrespectful to black people, see gohmert will go back to texas and be a hero to the KKK groupies and they’ll dig deep into their filthy, unwashed overalls and throw him a few donations! and good ole ted nugent will give gohmert a big wet kiss for going after Holder!

  9. Funny that you all think he has given the documents to congress when he has yet to answer the request. IMHO Holder got owned!

  10. Anyone who uses the screen name “S” tells me everything I need to know about what type of intelligence they posse! hey bud! just stick HIT to the back of your handle, it suites you perfectly.

  11. “The rest of us”? You realize, don’t you, that you’re a minority, by about 5 million or so?

    Probably more than 5M by now, because there are at least that many Repuglicans who finally realized the GOP/TP have been lying to them for 4 years about Obamacare.

    Like the ad says, “I wonder what OTHER questionable decisions I’ve made?”

  12. Holder should have told him, “This is a waste of my time” and”you’re wasting taxpayers money with this”.

  13. LOL ten to one you spend your spare time hunting for birth certificates. Congress has been given all of the documents they are entitled to receive. The only documents they have not received are those which are covered by Executive Privilege. I guess you’ve noticed that the Republicans haven’t dared take that ridiculous contempt vote to a Judge. They KNOW they would be laughed out of court.

    Besides, as everyone is aware by now, Fast and Furious was a failed BUSH Administration plan, written by Alberto Gonzales, which was supposed to be deployed in 2008, but because the Bush Administration screwed up their first attempt, called “wide receiver” it was delayed to 2009.

  14. When the Congressman used the phrase “known by his fruits” was that a veiled reference to the scandal Reverned James David Manning has uncovered and the possible relationships between members of the administration? The political scene is getting so mired in various cultures who can tell anymore?

  15. Texas is full of judges like Gohmert, sleeping through capital murder trials before imposing death sentences.

  16. Mr. Djchefron, Thanks, I try to stay informed, sampling many news and political resources. It’s looking like we’ll be treated sometime soon to some 1800’s like behavior from the players on the DC stage.

  17. You are going to listen to that idiot to stay informed? I bet you read the World News Weekly for your updates on news

  18. No offense, Jack, but there’s a big difference between “uncovering” a potential scandal and making bullsh*t up without a shred of factual reality to back it up. “Reverend” Manning would not be a reliable source of information if he was holding up an umbrella and you asked him if it was raining. I agree that we all should keep informed and should never rely on a single source of information, but one has to be able to tell the difference between information and disinformation.

  19. This Gohmert guy is a real idiot!

    Not only he admits that the information is already available but he jumps around all over creation just to reveal how stupid he is and how misguided Tea Party folk are.

    A gay couple violating the civil rights of non gay couples?

    Is he for real?

    This also reveasl what a sick mind this country has always had when it comes to religion and governance.

    This country has separation of church and state.

    Politicians stay out of religion and religious folk stay out of politics!

  20. I believe there just might be something to the gun lobby thing. Look at the tape, as soon as Holder brought it up, Gohmert interupted him and would not let him speak.

    If holder had been spewing “crazy talk”, the normal person would have let him and then after pointed out that out. Instead, Gohmert seemed really upset that Holder got out a few words and would not let him get any more.

  21. You all have missed the point as always. Still now answers on Fast and Furious. BUt I know you do not care since it involved the killing of law enforcement.

  22. And? You have no proof of that. the guns from FF were “found in the area”. Secondly this was run out of the Arizona FBI and no one in the administration even knew about it until the guns were found. Sorry, no conspiracy

    How do you feel abouyt the 40+ killed under Bush in embassy attacks?

    Go away

  23. Now is that before or after AG Eric Holder uses more tax payer money to send assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels so we Gay men in Palm Springs California can get our Crystal Meth for White Party and all our other Gay Pride Events.

  24. I think Mr. Gomert should become a Democrat, Then perhaps some kind heart Democrat would take him aside and tell him that that his that the things he is saying are STUPID.

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