Rush Limbaugh Blows a Gasket and Claims Colbert and CBS Have Declared War on Conservatives


Rush Limbaugh is flat out hysterical over Steven Colbert moving to CBS. Limbaugh proclaimed on his radio that the hiring of Colbert is an act of war against conservatives.



RUSH LIMBAUGH: Do you really care what I think about that? (interruption) Do you care what I think of Colbert getting Letterman’s gig? (interruption) You really care about what I think about that? (interruption) Well, I’ll give you the short version. CBS has just declared war on the Heartland of America. No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values, conservatives.

Now it’s just wide out in the open. What this hire means is a redefinition of what is “funny” and a redefinition of what is comedy, and they’re blowing up the 11:30 format under the guise that the world’s changing and people don’t want the kind of comedy that Carson gave us or even Letterman.

They don’t want that anymore. It’s the media planting a flag here. I think it’s maybe the media’s last stand, but it’s a declaration. There’s no unity in this hire. They’ve hired a partisan, so-called comedian to run a comedy show. So that’s what I think. Cool. Fine. Satisfied? (interruption) Good.

Rush Limbaugh can call his hate speech comedy, but Stephen Colbert’s parody character of conservative hosts is an act of war. One suspects that Colbert’s parody cuts a little too close to the bone for Limbaugh. Conservatives are always looking for a reason to go to war.

In this case, Limbaugh is expertly playing into the Republican victimization complex by claiming that CBS is somehow attacking them by hiring Stephen Colbert. The character that Colbert has played is a funhouse mirror look at how hosts like Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly really behave.

Maybe Rush thinks that he should have been given the gig? The problem with conservatives doing comedy is that they aren’t funny. Glenn Beck thinks he is funny. Rush Limbaugh thinks he is funny, but they aren’t funny. Their humor is usually mean-spirited. Conservative humor tends to enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others.

Limbaugh was trying to use CBS to whip up more right wing paranoia. Rush has made a fortune off of exploiting the paranoid right wing mind, so it should surprise anyone that he is mobilizing his white haired army for an assault on Stephen Colbert.

Rush Limbaugh and his angry right wing white man rage are quickly fading into the past. They are becoming a source of ridicule, as hosts like Stephen Colbert are the future.


36 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Blows a Gasket and Claims Colbert and CBS Have Declared War on Conservatives”

  1. This is curtains for Limbaugh. He has never made it in TV, and he knows he never will. He’s jealous as hell that Colbert (out of nowhere) has bypassed Rush and he can’t stand it! It’s a good fuck, Rush, ride it for all you can, cause there ain’t no more! How does it feel to be screwed by the religious right, who you have been screwing for 25 years. You aren’t even a Christian, ass hole! And you have been yanking their chain for years, knowing they don’t have the slightest idea you aren’t one of them. But, they don’t care, as long as you “yank their chain.” It’s both sad – and funny :-)

  2. I declare war on rush limbaugh and his john wayne gacy looking ass, I hate him and everything he stands for. People who fall for this jerk have got to be some of the dumbest damn people there is. He is a radio guy that brainwashes stupid people for the 1%ers.

  3. How is this the media’s last stand. The media doesn’t decide who takes over a talk show. His pain med addiction must be making him paranoid

  4. A 100% drama queen. Voted biggest dumb a** in america for 20 years in a row. Brought to you by Koch Industries, Viagra the little blue pill, and Oxycontinv for when you need those moments of insanity.

  5. rush limbaugh appeals to the brainless, typically racist, typically WHITE TRASH hick that truly believes their superior because their skin is lacking so much melanin they look PALE!! proof?? why are TANNING salons so popular?? I feel it, I REALLY FEEL IT!! yep! REALITY CHECK TIME, limbaugh simply strokes the backs of caucasians who see their their 1940’s style america slipping away! limbaugh preaches to the caucasian who feels sorry for himself because he NOT ahead in life! so limbaugh provides an fictional enemy!! ANY minority will do!! HELL!, women are fair game too!! limbaugh preaches to the WORST our upside society produces!! so limbaugh is trying to rally the CULT!? I see right through it! he’s just trying to become relevant again! it’s ALL about the MONEY!!

  6. Too bad Republicans have no idea about being funny since it takes intelligence to actually be funny.That is why there are no Republican comedians besides Dennis Miller and he is sub par at best.

  7. BTW, limbaugh HAD a television show back in the 90’s but because he’s such a UNATTRACTIVE (PHYSICALLY) creature viewers literally couldn’t stomach watching him!! I’m dead serious!! limbaugh has a face made for RADIO. I guess even racist have “SOME” standards.

  8. I wish he could be held accountable for all the hatred and fear he’s caused in this country over the years. Demagogery uses fear and emotion to preach, and he’s the definition of it.

  9. Rush is just jealous because Colbert’s brand of comedy is higher brow and inherently funnier than the lame swill that Limbaugh spews on the airwaves.

  10. Per Milt Shook at PleaseCutTheCrap: This is just sour grapes. What Limbaugh would like us to forget is the time CBS tried him out as a guest host on the Pat Sajak Show, years before Letterman moved to CBS late night. His guest hosting gig was an absolute disaster. The studio audience hated him, and his TV career was virtually over. He tried again a couple of years later, but even that one lasted mere months.

  11. Rush Limbaugh, is a bombastic dogmatic fart master. His overvalued convulsive tantrum is hideous and hopefully his breed of insignificance will slowly dissipate.

  12. Bonny. I am sure you meant well. I hate Rush with a purple passion, but these same guys that were bitching in January of last year still have their ads run. It is all about being heard, and they throwed that out to the gullible for a month or two, then took the same low road they always take, Mammon (greenback) means more than your feelings.

  13. Pfft. This will have little to no effect on the crusty ol’ white folk conservatives, ‘cuz none of them can stay up late enough to watch Colbert anyway.

    And if they did, the whole show would go totally over their heads. Zing.

  14. In your face Rush Limbaugh! The shoe is now on the other foot!

    Rush – you have nothing to give! In fact, you never had anything to give because you are an empty shell, dying from the poison of your hate, racism and vilification of others and of our democracy. It’s payback time!


  15. Anne,

    As much as I detest EvangeliBagger Repigs, I must say there is exactly one statement made by GoodHair, the guv of my homestate of Tejas that I like to use:

    “Adios, Mofos”!

    It will be eversomuch fun if GoodHair says that when he leaves office in January 2015 after having damn-near destroyed Texas!

    I use that statement often when arguing with these imbeciles.

  16. Limbaugh and the right wing have plenty to be afraid of in the likes of Colbert. Colbert is the most intelligent, witty celebrity in television. He is a masterful interviewer. He blends his genius with satire. The GOP can’t handle anyone who is intelligent and masterful (OBAMA). They want to dumb down the public with their 19th century slave master mentality. Limbaugh is the antithesis of Colbert. Colbert is the perfect replacement for Letterman and CBS deserves applause for their progressive interest in entertainment.

  17. Limbaugh is so pathetically defensive about everything I suspect he knows he’s a liar and an obnoxious fool. His only recourse is rudeness and being even more obnoxious.

    He knows someone that is his ethical and intellectual superior is going to be there to puncture his inflated ego and gasbag rhetoric. Yep, this will be the end of his carer among any but his most obstinately stupid right-wing nut sheep.

    So long Limpbaugh. We will miss the entertainment value of laughing at the increasingly desperate, moronic things you will say to cling to your horror of a career.

  18. Exactly! It’s the same with the President. Rush obviously feels threatened and jealous of them because not only are they good-looking men, they possess the charm, charisma and intelligence that Rush can only wish he had. They’re warm, kind, sweet men who are well liked and who’ve done more to help this country than Rush ever will. And unlike Rush, they have loving, supportive families to keep them grounded and strong in hard times. He’s mad with jealousy because all his money will never put him anywhere near President Obama or Mr. Colbert’s league. He will die alone and miserable because no one likes him, he has no real love in his life. His wife will leave him before too long. But at least he’ll have piles of money to comfort him.

  19. Why is this moron not in prison??? His ignorant, oxycontin induced, self-important, hot air is noise pollution on the radio waves. Trouble is…..we all love to hate him. Stop paying attention to him an he will be quickly unemployed.

  20. It would appear, the bloated entertainer and unofficial spokesman, for Viagra, rush limbaugh, has been out entertained, by Mr. Stephen Colbert.

    Poor…poor hate monger rush, is apparently seathing, that all of the years he has spent spreading his vile hate and disrespect of others, is going to come back and bite him. G-d is truly great!! Or someone, with some foresight and a vision of the future, is awesome.

  21. Limbaugh’s career is far from over folks! Way far from over. Because as long as there is a seed of a thought of what makes him tick and connects with people, there will always be a Rush Limbaugh. And we must always be ever vigilant in the defense of true human behavior. Eventually the human race will EVOLVE!..and even that kind of human trash may never exist again.

  22. Yeah, because Letterman was SUCH a tighty-righty!
    This idiot just spent 80 seconds proving he has nothing to say, beyond pandering to his vanishing audience.
    Of course he realizes the Repor was shtick, that Stephen is a nice guy, AND a comic. But he acts like Stephen’s opening words will be ‘Hello Citizens…’
    This is what Colbert looks like, declaring war on conservatives… (dancing to daft punk) Funny bit!

  23. I don’t hate Limpdick- I do really fear his followers.

    Now that Colbert has declared war on the Heartland I bet McCain will be on Sunday’s
    talk shows explaining why we should make a preemptive bombing raid on Colbert’s home.

  24. The other reason that Limpballs & his CONservatives are so outraged about Colbert is because when he originally started his Comedy Central show, they loved it, they completely believed that he was a “RILL” conservative. Much like their debacle in declaring themselves “TeaBaggers” before it was pointed out to them what that name really meant.

    When it was revealed that Colbert was NOT one of them, they freaked out & turned on him with psychopathic rage. The real “Morans.”

  25. Disgusting blob of whale flesh is so comfortable being a hate monger he doesn’t think before he talks. Spews nasty garbage like he works in a stinking landfill. Rush has now entered the senile phase of his career. His rants are increasingly incoherent. No Obama conspiracy is too bizarre.

  26. Rush is jealous & threatened by Colbert’s popularity & genius. GOP are worried he’ll reach a wider audience. Never watched Stephen daily. I like his “GOP persona” in small doses.

    I hate his insults toward Michelle Obama. Less tolerant countries would jail the fat lying bastard for less. He had a talk show. Doomed failure but he wasn’t as rabid back then. Camera friendly he ain’t. Ditto heads cheered & clapped, ignoring his lousiness on the air.

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