GOP Hypocrites Call Vets Benefits Too Expensive But Want a $600 Billion Tax Cut for Business

Senate Republicans blocked a $21 billion plan to build new VA clinics because they said it was too expensive, but today House Republicans advanced a $600 billion tax cut for business.

Back in February, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have expanded veterans’ benefits, and built 27 new VA clinics and facilities over the next ten years, because they thought the bill was too expensive. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) spoke for the group of 41 GOP obstructionists when he said, “This bill creates new veterans’ programs and it’s not paid for—it’s all borrowed money.”

The veterans benefits bill would have cost $21 billion over ten years.

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee advanced a bill that would give businesses a $600 billion tax cut. Democrats have been opposed to the Republican plan to add nearly $300 billion to the deficit without paying for it. According to The Hill, “As with the research tax break, Democrats said they generally supported the incentives considered by the committee. But none of them voted for any of the tax breaks, insisting they couldn’t get on board with clearing another slate of tax breaks that would add more than $300 billion to the deficit. In all, the dozen preferences approved by the Ways and Means panel over the last four weeks cost $600 billion over a decade.”

$2.1 billion a year over ten years to provide better care for our veterans is too expensive, but $60 billion a year over the same time period is affordable as long as the money is going to the business sector. This is a case of blatant Republican hypocrisy. Republicans are refusing to pay for their tax cuts for business, but they have the nerve to tell people who fought and bled for their country that they can’t have better medical care.

Veterans didn’t risk their lives so that the Koch brothers could have another tax cut. Republicans would rather take from veterans and give to the business community. One year of the business tax cuts could pay for the veterans benefits nearly three times over. It’s a matter of priorities, and in the Republican mind, tax cuts are more important than veterans.

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  1. Isn’t 40 years of economic destruction enough for the Party of No to realize that Reaganomics are disastrous, if not almost “anti-economic?”

    Are economies that exclude 99% of its participants really even economies…or just blatant highway robbery?

  2. Not even shocked by this move by them, it’s typical. The GOP should lose all seats on the investigation into the VA debacle that they caused in the first place.

  3. I think the repubs may have just stepped in it up their knees. They have really upset the DAV, VFW, and all other veterans groups. This could lead to a real tipping point come election day. Veterans are a powerful block and they always vote. If the president jumps on this and gets it straightened it could be a real game changer. The Dems need to use this to their advantage and call out the repubs.

  4. this is awful. I don’t like the idea of playing politics but we need to do everything we can to get the GOP out of office. VOTE!!! or else. This is sickening

  5. Simple, big business has the money to fund them, and all tax free due top the generosity of the working poor, children who need food and the elderly.

  6. It’s called “The Two Santa Clause” theory. Just a cruel twist on Friedman’s Starve the Beast philosophy.

  7. The GOP feign OUTRAGE at the death
    of 40 Veterans.
    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they
    cut their benefits to the bare bone!
    It’s the Democrats JOB to Xpose this!!
    Name NAMES!
    Show who REALLY support our Veterans
    & who is scheming behind their backs.
    I wanna see Billboards!
    I wanna see Commercials!
    I wanna see Fliers!
    How ’bout some RoboCalls directed
    at the Vets themselves.
    Dems have been silent for so long,
    Republicans now count on it!
    Shine the light on them & like
    Roaches they will scatter & hide!!

  8. …”it’s all borrowed money.”

    I wonder if Jeff Sessions realizes they went to WAR on borrowed money.

  9. As a Veteran I can tell you that the GOP has not got a chance of ever getting a vote from me. They have drawn first blood. Now let us see how the GOP handles Veterans in block confronting them on issues and not voting for them. The GOP is the enemy of ALL Veterans.

  10. some times when dealing with unruly children(repubs) you have to stop being the adult(dems) and give em a healthy dose of their own medicine. pretty sad when the only dems with a ‘pair’ is a former 1st lady and a senator from mass.

  11. This is so sad for our vets, and the people we elected and pay big salaries to want to fire the Vet Chief. I say fire all the ones who voted against an increase for the vets, both parties.

  12. If you’re referring to Bernie Sanders, he’s a senator from Vermont, not Massachusetts, and yeah, he tells it like it is.

  13. referring to elizabeth warren–love bernie too. point being 2 women have the biggest set. i’m a life long dem, but i’m getting really disappointed with their lack of action when it comes down to giving it back to the repubs. most of them could stand to grow a pair and glad to see a few already have.

  14. I am right now reading “The Plot to Seize the White House” and the parallels of what is happening now, and what happened then are startling. Veterans being thrown under the bus and a President facing a hostile business community.

    Were it not for an honorable man, General Smedley Butler, our nation would look a lot different now…no longer a democracy, but a country in chaos, continually contending with coups whenever one entity decided it was more powerful than the last.

    We need some honorable men to stop the current madness. Where will we find them?

  15. The Tgop is an enemy to ALL VETS & to ALL 99% of us…Everybody needs to vote and I mean vote mid-term or we are doomed because we ain’t seen nothing yet unless we get rid of these homegrown terrorist who are really aliens.

  16. The Tgop is an enemy to ALL VETS & to ALL 99% of us…Everybody needs to vote and I mean vote mid-term or we are doomed because we ain’t seen nothing yet unless we get rid of these homegrown terrorist who are really aliens.

  17. The U.S. doesn’t seem to have ANY problem finding the money to fight wars, but not when it comes to taking care of those who fought.

  18. Money that would go to anyone except their projects is always too expensive. Yet, it’s okay for them to declare war. Yes, they are hypocrites and more…!

  19. Most older Vets came home from the war and received benefits and got good jobs working for the Govt. Some of these older people now want Govt. Slashed and vets fighting for every dollar they can get and only able to get jobs at Wal Mart and Burger King. My husband is a vet and some of the emails he receives from his friends who had cushy state and govt jobs now complain about giving the new vets the same deals they had. It’s sickening. I blame the stupid people on the right,the tea party and mostly the Religious Right. They have indoctrinated the weak minded. If you don’t carry a tun you’re not Patriotic, if you care for others you are against family values,if you respect everyone’s religon and life style you’re against family values. They really do not see how moronic they are.

  20. This is a disgrace – billions – not paid for – to businesses who should make enough money to pay into the system.

    I can’t understand what our politicians are thinking – they cut off everything for average Americans: unemployment comp, SNAP, millions wasted on ACA repeal votes.

    I now understand that the House is responsible for this mess and so we should all work in 2014 to make sure that every Republican House member is replaced by a Democrat.

    Can you imagine the mess we’d be in if Romney and Ryan were manning the helm?

  21. I hope you do understand Berni, the money is there because it is borrowed, put on the credit. Reason we now have such a deficit. All, was never to be paid until a Dem was elected. Along comes Obama, the rethugs finally have an out. They keep saying it’s Obama’s fault, while voting no for any program that would help. Except, money for war. There is always money for that. Vet’s No, children No, medical for the people No (50 votes) for that. A promise they tried to keep, making Obama a one term Pres. History will prove them wrong and judge him to be a pretty fair Pres. Considering what he had to work with.

  22. Building more clinics would not have made union employees hide the names of veterans waiting for appointments. It’s a flawed system. At least stimulating business can increase job opportunities for the unemployed. Why do you think people are streaming to Houston and Detroit is defunct?

  23. Sad.

    There are not enough doctors and facilities to process the added over 2 million new people trying tp0 use the VA. the 2 million come from the little wars that W started.

    Detroit is defunct because it relied solely on the car companys that upped and moved away. How would you stimulate business? Take away all their taxes?

  24. From the Washington Post: “Aside from the costs, Republicans also were concerned that the bill would add more veterans to a system already struggling with extensive wait times at VA health clinics and a long-standing backlog of disability claims. The legislation would have extended the period of time veterans are eligible to enroll in the VA health-care system from five years to 10 years after deployment.” IS that good for Vets? The VA health care situation is deplorable and politics should be put aside. There is plenty of blame to go around and hypocrisy is rank on both sides of the aisle.

  25. The VA health care situation is deplorable
    Bullshit I am a disabled ve who has been in the system for over 25 years and my care is excellent. I take it you never had VA care and think you know when in reality the VA is ranked among the best in delivering care. Stick with what you know and stop ASSuming

  26. “The legislation would have extended the period of time veterans are eligible to enroll in the VA health-care system from five years to 10 years after deployment.” IS that good for Vets?”

    I would sure think so.

    You already have the reasons the situation is deplorable. So adding money to the VA system to hire more doctors is a burden.

    You are almighty screwed up lady

  27. She must have gotten her talking points from J Ruben or anyone of the blood gurgling psychopaths. Quoting the rethugs don’t want to spend because more Vets will use the system. I have a idea stop starting wars on lies then you wont have a lot of disabled veterans

  28. Union employees? You really are a bagger. Administration are not unionize.Sigh the idiocy in this country has no limits

  29. I think she meant building new facilities. She obviously hates workers getting raises, having health care, vacation time etc. All the little things that would disappear when unions to.

  30. There is almost no end to the stupidity of your comment about pedophiles in the GOP. What is the point of saying something like that whether or it would even be true? There is almost not even an appropriate answer to the level of idiocy in a statement like that. I feel bad for you. You are one messed up individual if you actually believe your own foolish talk.

  31. It appears to me that you are one screwed up lady or did you really mean almighty screwed up? She presents her views in a mature and sensible way and you attack her. What’s wrong with you people? Are you this ugly all day or just when you’re anonymous and post on political sights that cater to your views?

    Maybe the one man that has gotten good service at the VA is truthful and good for him but I happen to know more bad than good stories. So what would be so good about extending time into a bad healthcare system? You just get more time to wait ? Why don’t you people quit acting like immature children and respond to someone in a grown up way if they present a view of something that differs from what you believe, or want to believe. I honestly don’t think that it’s possible for some of you. You continually want to blame someone else for your failures. Detroit, Chicago, on and on. How many cities in California are filing bankruptcy under democratic rule? How many? Get a clue peopl…

  32. But sadly you refused to see what she said. She was hilarious. The “view” was completely backwards from what she was trying to say. Read it

    I see you are a run on poster. jangled up in cliches.

    I honestly cant stop laughing at you. The actual care for the VA is very good. The GOP has cut funding fore the vets many times now. They are now considering a bill that would build many more clinics and hire more doctors. Something they should have done to start with.

    Most cities are in trouble. It just happens most cities are also run by Dems becuase the people in the cities know what republicans would do to them. Just like Snyder is doing in Detroit. Now do try to stick to the topic. Especially when you havent really read the issues you respond to

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