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Corporate Media’s Idea Of Diversity: Nearly All Sunday Show Guests Were White GOP Men


On this week’s five Sunday news shows (CNN’s State of the Union, ABC’s This Week, NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’ Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday) almost all of the guests that were brought on for interviews were white Republican males. When the AP released the Sunday show guest lineups on Saturday, of the 15 guest slots, only three were filled by Democrats, two of whom are minorities and only one being a woman. However, when the shows were actually broadcast, all three Democrats were relegated to panels. Face the Nation did book another Democrat, former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, for an interview. Bob Schieffer also had on attorneys David Boies and Ted Olson to discuss their book. Boies is a known Democrat while Olson worked with President George W. Bush.

Outside of those two exceptions, the rest of the guests featured on Sunday’s shows are all white Republican men. On Fox News Sunday

, Chris Wallace interviewed Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who made the most appearances on Sunday shows in 2013 and is on pace to be 2014’s top guest, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA). OVer on NBC, the majority of the program was dedicated to an interview with the loser of the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was listed as a featured guest, but he was instead part of a panel discussion.

Meanwhile, over on CNN, Dana Bash, filling in for Candy Crowley, interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), like Rogers, a constant fixture on Sunday shows, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who lost to Tea Party challenger David Brat in Tuesday’s Republican primary. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was listed as a guest by the AP, but ended up being part of a panel. ABC’s This Week also had Cantor on, along with Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX). The show was also hosted by Republican toad Jonathan Karl, rather than normal host George Stephanopoulos Meanwhile, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), another person listed as a guest by the AP, was merely part of the panel. CBS, besides the guests listed above, also featured interviews with Graham and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Now, I will hand it to the producers of these shows that Cantor’s loss was a major story this past week, so if you were able to get Cantor on, you had to go for it. Also, if you couldn’t get Cantor, you’d likely want to bring on a Republican strategist or leader, such as Priebus. However, the Cantor loss was only one of two major news stories this past week. The other one was the flare up of violence in Iraq. On this end, it seemed that the shows’ producers and hosts were more than satisfied with only providing the Republican point of view on this issue. And, as we all know, the GOP view on anything is, “Blame Obama!”


The mainstream news media in America should be embarrassed by this display. Not one minority or woman was featured in an interview. Two Democrats, Donilon and Boies, did get interviewed by Schieffer. However, Boies was part of a tandem discussing a book he co-wrote and Donlion is a former Obama Administration member. None of the shows featured anyone from the current administration, which you think should be a priority if you are talking about this President’s plans regarding Iraq. Instead, we got tired old retreads like Rogers and Graham, who seem to only exist to appear on news shows and complain about POTUS. What we saw on Sunday was a sad display of corporate media providing opinions and commentary for one very specific group of people — white Republican men.


Message to the oligarchs running our news media: The demographics of this country aren’t restricted to 50+ year old conservative Caucasian males. If your idea of diversity of opinion is to mix in a couple of old white Democrats, then you’re doing it wrong.



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  • It's that damn liberal media they're always complaining about, yeah that's it. Wonder where McCain was today? Must have been his Depends change day.

  • Hey what is all the complaining about? You have it all wrong there was diversity in several ways.
    1. Eye color
    2. hair color (DYE that is)
    3. Nose hair color
    4. Facial color, If McCain got hot red was shown for sure!
    5. Even though you could not see it the underwear of some was different color I bet.
    So there ya go.

  • By now it should be obvious that there is NO Liberal media and that white Republican men rule the roost on ALL of these media talk shows. I stopped watching any of the ones listed above and only watch MSNBC on WEEKENDS when UP and MHP shows are on. MSNBC has become a right-wing haven for the right and their hate of President Obama. I stopped watching Morning Joke almost two years ago and the rest of that networks is slowing following suit with its lies and hate directed toward this President. I do not have time for such nonsense, I can devote my time to "Love it or List It" on HGTV.

    • Yep. And not a single talkinghead trying all too hard to correct those lies.

      Thank god for the World Wide Web - although, if the Republicans have any say in it, it'll be controlled-and-turned-into-another-propaganda-outlet as well.

  • Liberal media? I'm still trying to find it. I was glad to find this site because Topix was getting old. I will watch as much of right and left wing outlets however. How can any one form any opinion based on only like minded talking heads.

  • Six corporations own the main-stream media. MSNBC - same game, different tactics. Thank gawd for blogs and social media.

    • Bait 'n' Switch strategy is what MSNBC is doing at the moment. "Bait" with progressive programs until you've drawn in enough progressive viewers (enemies of Corporate America) who will habitually watch your cable network, then oh so slowly "Switch" to pro-CONservative opinions and talkingpoints until we're completely conned.

      Hey, it's been successful at CNN -up until Progressives caught up to them, that is!

  • These GOP Members are featured to boost ratings. They can be counted on to say stupid, controversial, crap that will make viewers mad while drawing in a larger audience. It works like reality TV, we all tune in to watch the train wreck.Most of the people who would be watching these shows would be older people many of whom would be republicans because younger people would be on the move enjoying summer weather.

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