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Mitch McConnell Spent Nearly $75,000 To Fly In Fake Supporters For Events

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has had to spend nearly $75,000 flying in people who pretend to be his supporters at campaign events.

That “sound crew” Mitch McConnell wasn’t sure if he paid to fill seats at his rallies and events across the Commonwealth was actually not a sound crew. They were paid supporters, and FEC reports show that Team Mitch paid almost $75,000.00 to make it look like the Republican Senator had friends.

When word first leaked out that McConnell was having to pay people to attend his events, he bit off the heads of anyone who asked him about it, media included. But they were persistent and so soon he was trying to pass off the paid supporters as “sound crew”.

But the Grimes campaign released a statement Monday evening after the FEC filings for McConnell (as of 10/14/2014) were released, which they determined show payments of nearly $75,000.00 for Mitch’s traveling entourage:

Now, after days of repeated pounding in the Kentucky media for both his actions and his comical cover-up attempts, new FEC filings released late this afternoon finally give us some idea how much Mitch McConnell dished out to buy a traveling entourage and fake “enthusiasm” at his events – nearly $75,000.

The filings show payments for flying and lodging, in addition to reimbursements for travel and lodging for what look to be multiple people, so it’s a good thing Senator McConnell loaned his campaign $1.8 million.

The story was worse than first suspected. McConnell didn’t just bus fake supporters to his events. He flew in paid ringers to local events in order to make it look residents in towns along his bus tour were supporting him. It’s all par for the course for McConnell. Sen. McConnell has faked his concern for Kentucky all through the campaign. He faked his knowledge of guns, while he has refused to answer any questions about his ability to fire a gun. McConnell has even felt the need to fake his support for University of Kentucky basketball.

McConnell’s only ambition is to win reelection in order to become Majority Leader. Kentucky is a secondary concern in Mitch McConnell’s mind. Sen. McConnell will do anything to win the election. If he needs to buy supporters, the check will be written.

Mitch McConnell has no agenda, no plan, and is offering no future for Kentucky. McConnell is a fraud whose singular goal is to become Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell’s concern for Kentucky is as real as the fake supporters that he paid to have flown into the Bluegrass State.

In just six days, Kentuckians have a chance to elect a senator that will care about them.

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