Pat Buchanan Says Democrats Have Forced GOP to Become Party of White People

We have been witness, over the past six years, a non-stop Republican war on blacks. While Pat Buchanan, in an op-ed for World Net Daily (the only place with low enough standards to give the racist Buchanan job), would like to re-imagine their race war as one in which Republicans are the black voter’s best friend, Michael Wells detailed the black voter’s woes for PoliticusUSA:

In Greensboro, one of North Carolina’s largest cities, voters waited for hours to vote. At North Carolina A&T University, a historically black university, many African-American students were told they could not vote because they were in the wrong precinct; their mailing address did not match their dorm address and thus, did not match the voting rolls; and students were misled as to where to vote by mailers sent by super-PACs supporting Republican candidates.

Ignoring all this, after years of voter suppression and intimidation, Buchanan assures blacks that, “as Republicans capture state legislatures across the South, they will wield their power as energetically to guarantee black Democrats get safe districts as the old Dixiecrat Democrats wielded their power to ensure that black folks could not vote.”

Awww…don’t you love it how, according to Buchanan, “selfless” Republican gerrymandering actually helps black voters?

Actually, as Republic Report’s Lee Fang tells us, the Republican gerrymandering of districts rigged the 2014 midterm elections in favor of Republican candidates, not black Democrats.

Fang relates that,

In the 2014 midterm elections, Democrats in North Carolina secured only three out of 13 seats (23 percent of NC’s congressional delegation) even though Democratic candidates in that state won about 44 percent of the vote.

According to Wells,

The impact of North Carolina’s voter ID law has already been felt. This impact will only grow more marked as it will be even tougher for minorities to vote come 2016. The future is uncertain, but what is certain is the harsh voter ID law will have a chilling effect on voting in North Carolina that will be felt for years to come.

Talk about your southern strategies. The Republicans have a perpetual winner here. If your plan is to stay in power for a century, this is definitely the way to go about it. Just look at Texas, if you need another example.

Adalia Woodbury relates how the “GOP base…truly believe that Texas is within its rights to establish sort of Apartheid – Lone Star style.” She points to the fact that,

Texas was the first red state to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling striking down the preclearance formulate in the Voting Rights Act. In Republican speak, that means the Feds can’t interfere with their “right” to suppress votes by people who know their best interests are not served by the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, what’s true of the South is true nationally, as Fang tells us:

In 2012, the first congressional election after the last round of gerrymandering, Democratic House candidates won 50.59 percent of the vote — or 1.37 million more votes than Republican candidates — yet secured only 201 seats in Congress, compared to 234 seats for Republicans. The House of Representatives, the “people’s house,” no longer requires the most votes for power.

But Buchanan occupies that place Republicans go to feel better about themselves: a fantasyland of his own making. And the mainstream media helped him out by never once mentioning gerrymandering, proclaiming instead that the election results prove America is now center-right nation.

Which is true, if the majority of votes – Democratic votes – are ignored. And so, facts locked securely away where they will never see the light of day, Buchanan tells us,

“Nixon believed that once desegregation was done, its natural conservatism would bring the South into the party of Goldwater, Nixon and Reagan. History has proven him right.”

Actually, history has not proven him right. The party of Goldwater no longer exists. None of the three – Goldwater, Nixon, or Reagan – qualify, according to the current standards of ideological purity, as Republican. The Grand Old Party has become God’s Own Party, a development Goldwater condemned.

Yet Buchanan maintains that,

Republican dominance in the New South is partly explained by the conservatism of the region, which is in tune with the national GOP. But the rise of the black Democrat and extinction of the white Democrat is also traceable to the Voting Rights Act.

But the problem isn’t the extinction of white Democrats but the suppression of black Democrats. Even so, Buchanan wants to convince his white readers that the real victims Republicans, who have been forced – forced, mind you – to become a party of white folks:

[B]y using naked race-based ads in the Nov. 4 elections, Democratic strategists are pushing us to an America where the GOP is predominantly white and the Democratic Party, especially in Dixie, is dominated by persons of color.

Nobody pushed the Republican Party to be the party of old white guys. The Republican Party did that to themselves, and they revel in it. These good old boys are real Americans, after all. Just ask Sarah Palin.

Given the recent surge in neo-Confederate secessionist politics (including the allegedly mainstream Rand Paul writing foreword for a Confederate apologist), it’s almost amusing to watch Buchanan crank out a world in which ethnic nationalism is a leftist disease:

As ethnonationalism pulls at the seams of many countries of Europe, it would appear it is also present here in the United States. When political appeals on the basis of race and ethnicity are being made openly by liberal Democrats, as in 2014, we are on a road that ends in a racial-ethnic spoils system – and national disintegration.

“There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism,” roared Teddy Roosevelt, “a hyphenated American is not an American at all.” Typical hate crime by a man unappreciative of our diversity.

It’s a shame Buchanan can’t see that Roosevelt’s words apply to his own party, which has, as a core element, the idea that the only real Americans are white and evangelical.

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