Here Are The Winners And Losers Coming Out Of New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders was the biggest winner, and Marco Rubio the biggest loser in the New Hampshire primaries.


1). Bernie Sanders – Sanders got more votes than any candidate in either party in New Hampshire. Sen. Sanders didn’t just win New Hampshire. He dominated. Hillary Clinton wanted to cut Sanders margin by single digits. Instead, Sanders may end up winning by a larger margin than the polling average projected. The Sanders coalition of millennials, gun owners, liberals, and Independents turned out in huge numbers. If not for a few tenths of a point in Iowa, Bernie Sanders would be universally considered the front-runner in the Democratic race.

2). Donald Trump Like Sanders, Trump got his big win in New Hampshire. Unlike Sanders, he used his victory speech for an unhinged and unfocused rant about how the unemployment numbers are being faked by the government. Yep, this is your Republican front runner. The lunatics have taken a giant leap forward in their hostile takeover bid for control of the Republican Party.

3). John Kasich – Kasich has crafted an optimistic message that is the complete opposite of Trump. Kasich also pressed the flesh and worked New Hampshire hard. It was good, old fashioned retail campaigning, and it worked like a charm. What was once Marco Rubio’s momentum, now belongs to Kasich.

4). Ted Cruz – At the time of this article’s publication, Ted Cruz had slipped into third place in New Hampshire. A third place showing in New Hampshire coming off of a win in Iowa would give Cruz a legitimate claim to Republican front runner. Everyone had written off Cruz in New Hampshire, but he is in a position to finish ahead of establishment figures Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush.


1). Marco Rubio – That Rubio surge that establishment Republicans were dreaming of went up in smoke at the final debate before the primary. When the Rubio bot self destructed in front of the entire world, it took out the Republican establishment’s best hope of coming up with a candidate that had momentum. Rubio was looking for a 3-2-1 finish in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Instead, he will be lucky to avoid finishing fifth in the Granite State.

2). Chris Christie – Chris Christie took out Marco Rubio, but he also took out his own campaign. Christie needed a top 5 finish in New Hampshire, but it is doubtful that he will break 10% in the state, and the Bridgegate gov is already rumbling about “reassessing” his campaign after New Hampshire. It looks like curtains for Christie.

Speaking of dead men walking…

3). Jeb Bush – Bush needed a New Hampshire miracle. What he got was a bitter battle for fourth place with Marco Rubio. Who would have guessed that using the least popular president this side of Richard Nixon would backfire in a campaign ad for Jeb? The Bush dynasty was killed by W. Its death was confirmed by zombie campaign of Jeb Bush in 2016. All of that super PAC money has gone to waste, and it couldn’t have happen to more deserving bunch of guys.

4). Anyone Who Likes A Nail Biter – The results in New Hampshire have been widely known and expected for months. Both Trump and Sanders had strong leads. The only question surrounded their margins of victory. New Hampshire made the pollsters look good, by delivering the expected results.

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