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12 GOP Senators Break The Rules And Walk Out As Schiff Hammers Trump Evidence

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A dozen Republican Senators broke the rules and walked out on Adam Schiff as he was delivering the evidence against Donald Trump.

Jon Ward of Yahoo News tweeted:

According to the rules, Senators are not allowed to leave the floor for any reason while the impeachment trial is in session.


One suspects that Republicans fled the chamber because they didn’t want to hear Rep. Schiff presenting the evidence against Trump. Republican Senators have played dumb about Trump’s statements and behavior for years, and they can’t handle hearing the truth about their law-breaking president.

Mitch McConnell won’t allow recording on the Senate floor during the trial, so there is no video of the Senators, but other Senators saw it happening, so there is no reason to doubt Ward’s tweets.


Republicans are so committed to their cover-up for Trump that they won’t even pretend to listen to the evidence.

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