Peter Doocy talks about Biden impeachment.

GOP Biden Impeachment Is Going So Badly That Even Peter Doocy Isn’t Buying It

Last updated on December 10th, 2023 at 04:19 pm

Fox News’s Peter Doocy told viewers that House Republicans have been investigating for years and have no evidence that President Biden benefited from his son’s business dealings.

Doocy said, “The House Oversight Committee has been at this for years, and they have so far not been able to provide any concrete evidence that Joe Biden personally profited from his son Hunter’s overseas business, but they are going to try again with this impeachment inquiry that is set to start next week.”


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The House Republican effort to impeach Biden is going so badly that even Peter Doocy isn’t going along with it. Doocy was correct. There is no evidence to support any of the allegations that James Comer and House Republicans are making about a ‘Biden bribery scheme.

In order for there to be a bribery scheme, there first has to be a bribe. House Republicans have no evidence of a bribe or a kickback except for bank statements that they keep trying to twist to fit their impeachment narrative.

House Republicans are moving forward with a doomed impeachment investigation that is so weak that if the Fox News White House correspondent isn’t buying what they are trying to sell.
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