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Trump Appears To Be Identified As Doe 174 In Jeffrey Epstein Documents

An analysis of the recently released Jeffrey Epstein court documents appears to confirm that Donald Trump is Doe 174.

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Business Insider analyzed the documents and reported:

An exhaustive review of the documents by Business Insider points to one no-longer-anonymous Doe who checks all the boxes: Doe 174.

Preska’s list identifies Doe 174 as a person whose “association with Epstein and Maxwell has been widely reported in the media already, and his or her name came up during Maxwell’s public criminal trial.”

The former president Trump fits that bill as someone who had a long history with the now dead pedophile and who said “I wish her well” when Maxwell was indicted on sex-trafficking charges.

The documents don’t accuse Trump of wrongdoing or being on Epstein’s client, but note that he was a friend of Epstein, and Epstein’s victims talked about him.

It is much better to have not been named in the documents than to have been named, and the fact that Trump was associated and friends with a pedophile and sex trafficker is not a shock to anyone given Trump’s low character, alleged crimes, and habit of associating with criminals.

Trump seems to be Doe 174, which means that all of the MAGAs who celebrated Trump not appearing in the Epstein documents have to face the reality that Donald Trump was pals with Jeffrey Epstein.

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