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‘There’s Stuff There’ Republicans Say When Asked What Evidence They Have to Support Impeachment Inquiry

Last updated on January 11th, 2024 at 02:13 pm

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When asked about their case for impeachment of President Joe Biden, Republicans offered up the dog ate my homework, third grade excuse of: “There’s stuff there.”

House Republicans Have No Biden Impeachment Evidence, But They Have ‘Stuff’

That deep response was offered up by Republican Representative Paul Gosar after he lectured “both sides” on conflating inquiry with impeachment after admitting that their witnesses all said no evidence exists, but he claims they all said there existed the “potential” for something to be there.

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When asked to share what that “stuff” is, Gosar went on a bizarre “word salad” trip:

He lost me, but that is the objective, clearly. An inquiry is not something you hold UNTIL you find evidence. That is not how justice works, and it is not the job of the U.S. House of Representatives to wield its important oversight power in order to help their party’s 2024 front runner against the current President.

Other ways they could be spending this time and your resources would be, just off the top of my head, bringing Boeing in for hearings on the safety of their aircraft and the potential implications of their cost-cutting measures, including undermining unions and therefore the importance of skilled experts, in an effort to prioritize profits.

The bottom line is Republicans are holding these hearings to dirty President Joe Biden for the upcoming election. They aren’t interested in the facts, so it’s fine for them that the facts don’t corroborate their fan fic about the President or his son.

Does it matter if it’s called an inquiry or an impeachment when they are selling it to their base as impeachment? Do words matter when facts don’t? What does gaslighting look like, Siri?

Republicans have presented zero evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. Zero. Literally zero. Yet here they are, wasting taxpayer money to go after his private citizen son in hopes of catching something they can stick on Joe Biden for their base, who aren’t known for their ability to discern fact from fiction.

Republicans keep saying that if Donald Trump is held accountable to the law, that is horrible because it means it could happen to anyone. They suggest that if Trump is held accountable, that is proof of the government being weaponized against him, even though the 91 felony counts from four different cases are being prosecuted in different courtrooms around the country.

Republicans tell these flat-out lies about Donald Trump being held accountable to the law as being nothing but a witch hunt when we all saw what he did on January 6th, and we all know about his attempts to overthrow the election he lost as they weaponize.

They tell these lies while they are weaponizing the U.S. House against a private citizen who is already being forced to deal with the DOJ being tougher on him than they would be on anyone else for the same charges – charges around guns and taxes, the deregulation and killing of oversight of which are both Republican causes.

Imagine a Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives hauling one of Trump’s adult children who did not work in the White House or on his campaign into yet another hearing to try to find some dirt on Donald Trump.

To borrow Republicans’ phrase, if they do it to Hunter they can do it to you. There’s “stuff” there.

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