Jim Acosta

Marjorie Taylor Greene Incriminates Herself During Confrontation With Jim Acosta

CNN's Jim Acosta confronted Marjorie Taylor Greene over her martial law text, and Greene exploded and ended up suddenly remembering…

4 weeks ago

Jim Acosta Nails Tucker Carlson For Using Russian Talking Points

Jim Acosta nailed Tucker Carlson for making comments similar to Putin's spokesman about Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

1 month ago

Jim Acosta Slams Republicans For Democracy Hypocrisy

CNN's Jim Acosta called out Republicans who claim to support democracy in Ukraine while staying silent on Clarence and Ginni…

2 months ago

Jim Acosta Takes Down Tucker Carlson: Ukraine Needs Allies Not More Lies

CNN's Jim Acosta took down Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin's evil and said that Ukraine needs allies, not more lies.

2 months ago

Jim Acosta Finds Moments Of Hope In The Midst Of War

CNN's Jim Acosta put together a collection of moments of hope from Ukraine. Video: https://youtu.be/kxegmAzOeCo Acosta said after playing clips…

2 months ago

Jim Acosta Lays Out Trump’s Humiliating History Of Putin Fawning

CNN's Jim Acosta gave a rundown of Trump's fawning over Putin and proclaimed the Republican Party to be the party…

3 months ago

Jim Acosta Labels The Republican Party A National Emergency

CNN's Jim Acosta said that the Republican Party is now a national emergency for the nation.

4 months ago

Jim Acosta Tells Fox News, “You’ve Been Busted On Your Bulls*it”

Jim Acosta had a message for Fox News that they have been busted on their BS about the 1/6 attack.

5 months ago

Jim Acosta Tells Merrick Garland That It’s Time To Target Trump

Jim Acosta argued that it is time for Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Justice Department to target Trump.

6 months ago

CNN’s Jim Acosta Tells Republicans To Stop The Squeal

CNN's Jim Acosta had a message for Republicans. You won Virginia. The election wasn't stolen, so stop whining and squealing.

7 months ago

WATCH: CNN’s Acosta Says It’s Pointless to Have Trump Testify Because He’d “Lie So Much”

Since Donald Trump has been out of office, a number of books have been written about his tenure. And while…

10 months ago

Jim Acosta Says Trump’s Latest ‘Delusional’ Lies About the Insurrection Invite His Supporters To Live In Alternate Reality.

Despite him overseeing the loss of the White House, Senate and Congress, the GOP will keep Donald Trump as their…

10 months ago

WATCH: Jim Acosta Rips Kevin McCarthy for Resuscitating Trump’s Political Career

Following the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump's political aspirations were evaporating. He was kicked off of any important social media…

10 months ago

WATCH: Jim Acosta Blasts Greg Abbott for Feeding Into Trump’s Alternate Reality and Shielding Him From Answering Questions.

While most presidents spend their first year out of office under the radar, that hasn't been the case for Donald…

11 months ago

WATCH: Former Executive VP of Trump Org. Says Former President Probably Deserves to Go to Jail

Few people understand what makes Donald Trump tick more than Barbara Res. Res was a pioneer in the New York…

11 months ago

Jim Acosta: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are Attempting to Rehab Their Image But They’re Going to Fail

For years, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dedicated their time to holding fundraisers and helping Democrats get elected. When Ivanka's…

11 months ago

CNN’s Jim Acosta Blasts Tucker Carlson as a “Race-Baiting Tyrant”

Soon after the 2020 election, Fox News seemed to be softening its edges. Facing competition from extremist competitors like Newsmax…

12 months ago

CNN’s Acosta: Trump’s Increasingly Unhinged Election Conspiracy Theories are a Desperate Ploy for Attention

There are plenty of GOP lawmakers who want Donald Trump to be the past, present and future of their party.…

12 months ago

He Has To Let Viewers Know His Vaccination Status: Watch CNN Doctor Tear Into Tucker Carlson

After months of waiting the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available nearly everywhere in the United States. The White House has…

1 year ago

Historian Douglas Brinkley: Trump is Jealous of the Power Mitch McConnell Wields

It has been very obvious over the last 4 years that Donald Trump does not enjoy the job of president.…

1 year ago