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Jim Acosta finds moments of hope in Ukraine

Jim Acosta Finds Moments Of Hope In The Midst Of War

CNN’s Jim Acosta put together a collection of moments of hope from Ukraine. Video: Acosta said after playing clips of Ukrainians singing and staying strong, Russians protesting, and Yo-Yo Ma playing the Ukrainian national anthem: That message echoed what Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the British parliament when he channeled Winston Churchill’s legendary call during World War II, ‘We will…

Jim Acosta slams Trump's fake White House

Jim Acosta Says Trump’s Latest ‘Delusional’ Lies About the Insurrection Invite His Supporters To Live In Alternate Reality.

Despite him overseeing the loss of the White House, Senate and Congress, the GOP will keep Donald Trump as their party’s figurehead. It’s a risky proposition considering he incited and insurrection on the US Capitol following his election loss. And the more stories that come about Trump’s feelings on the riots, the harder it gets…

GOP Governors like Greg Abbott are undermining COVID progress

WATCH: Jim Acosta Blasts Greg Abbott for Feeding Into Trump’s Alternate Reality and Shielding Him From Answering Questions.

While most presidents spend their first year out of office under the radar, that hasn’t been the case for Donald Trump. The former president, desperate for adulation, is again holding political rallies. On Wednesday, Trump appeared in Texas as Greg Abbott announced additions to the state’s border wall. The governor’s team made sure to shield…


Trump Attacks CNN and Jim Acosta Over Report That He Doesn’t Understand the Severity of the Pandemic

President Donald Trump attacked CNN and Jim Acosta, its chief White House correspondent, following a report that quoted a source on the official coronavirus task force that he doesn’t understand the severity of the pandemic. “@CNN has no sources on the Task Force,” the president claimed. “Their ‘sources’ are made up, pure fiction! Jim Acosta…


CNN’s Jim Acosta Clashes with Trump Over “Happy Talk” Question at Coronavirus Briefing

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta clashed with President Donald Trump earlier today after asking the president whether briefings with the White House coronavirus task force amounted to “happy talk” to present a more favorable depiction of what’s happening as the coronavirus pandemic tears through the country. “We hear from a lot of people who…


Trump Failed to Consult Every Member of Coronavirus Task Force About Relaxing Social Distancing Measures

President Donald Trump did not consult every member of the Coronavirus task force before sending a letter about potentially relaxing social distancing measures. CNN’s Jim Acosta reported on Thursday that President Trump sent a letter to governors about easing restrictions without showing the letter to the entire group of experts. “Not all Coronavirus task force…


Kellyanne Conway Does Not Know What The Word Altered Means

Appearing on Fox News’ Chris Wallace Show Fox News Sunday yesterday, Kellyanne Conway was asked by Wallace about the tape capturing last week’s altercation between a White House intern and Jim Acosta from CNN,  and then circulated by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and InfoWars claiming the “altered video”  was not altered at all, because it…


White House Correspondents Association Slams Trump

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his press pass revoked temporarily after Press Secretary Sarah Sanders lied and said he assaulted an intern. The move brought immediate rebuke from the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA). Acosta said he was asking President Donald Trump questions about his racist caravan ad when the president grew irritated with…


CNN Destroys Trump For Hiding Information And Blacking Out The White House Press Briefing

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta went off on the Trump administration for withholding information from the American people by blacking out the White House daily briefing. Video: Acosta accused the White House of not wanting the American people to see and hear their answers to questions, “When we’re asking important questions about where are…

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