Eric Swalwell Names Names And Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene And Lauren Boebert For Glorifying Political Violence

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) expressed his frustration with the GOP for not doing anything about political violence and called out Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert for glorifying violence.


Rep. Swalwell told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

This is one of many threats. You reached out to me to ask which threat this was. Frankly, I told you I was going to have to look it up because we get dozens of voicemail threats, threatening to kill me, my family or my staff each week.

When we heard about a plea, that’s great. It’s a drop in the bucket for what’s out there. I’m grateful to the FBI, DOJ and the Yonkers Police Department. We’re seeing political rhetoric is on the rise and we’re a country of unrestricted weaponry. That makes this so volatile and combustible.

What frustrates me is leadership has, lack of leadership has consequences and inaction has consequences. When I see my Republican colleagues fail to condemn the political violence that’s out there or in many ways like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert glorify it, it gives a green light that it’s okay to do this.

In the closing days of the campaign, Democrats need to make the connection to voters that the man who assaulted Paul Pelosi, and intended to kill Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the face of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is not the image of days gone by of the local banker who was conservative but volunteered for charity and loved his community and country.

The face of the Republican Party is the mob on 1/6. Donald Trump doing nothing while the nation was attacked, and people like Marjorie Taylor Greene glorifying violence.

Democrats are sick of being targets, and Eric Swalwell is doing the right thing by calling this out.