Journalists Refuse To Go On Sean Spicer’s New Talk Show

Sean Spicer is pitching a talk show, and journalists are refusing to have anything to do with his media bashing lies.


When asked on CNN’s Reliable Sources, if Spicer had tried to book him for his show, Jim Acosta said, “Yes, I did get a request for that. We politely turned that down. My sense of it is is that Sean has sort of crossed the line from, you know, being somebody who is a former press secretary to somebody who wants to resurrect his career and go on Fox News and bash CNN. If he’s going to do that, I don’t think we should give him time to do that. If he wants to have a civil exchange, I’m willing to do that, but my feeling up until this point is that he’s just not willing to do that. You know, until that happens, I’m not really willing to go into that kind of situation.”

Jim Avila of ABC News tweeted:

Spicer has no future in politics. No television channel would hire him to be a pundit after he disgraced himself as White House Press Secretary. Sean Spicer has every right in the world to earn a living, but journalists do not have to go on his show and listen to him lie and bash the free press.

Sean Spicer, like Sarah Sanders, lied to the press on a daily basis. After treating journalists, so badly, it is not a surprise that they are telling Spicer to go jump in a lake as he is trying to restore the reputation that he allowed Trump to destroy.

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