Sean Spicer Accused of Racial Slur; Threatens to Sue AP Over Report

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is threatening to sue the Associated Press (AP) due to a story appearing yesterday about a confrontation on his book tour. The story said a former high school classmate of Spicer’s accused him of calling him the n-word many years ago. read more

Journalists Refuse To Go On Sean Spicer’s New Talk Show

Sean Spicer is pitching a talk show, and journalists are refusing to have anything to do with his media bashing lies.


When asked on CNN’s Reliable Sources, if Spicer had tried to book him for his show, Jim Acosta said, “Yes, I did get a request for that. We politely turned that down. My sense of it is is that Sean has sort of crossed the line from, you know, being somebody who is a former press secretary to somebody who wants to resurrect his career and go on Fox News and bash CNN. If he’s going to do that, I don’t think we should give him time to do that. If he wants to have a civil exchange, I’m willing to do that, but my feeling up until this point is that he’s just not willing to do that. You know, until that happens, I’m not really willing to go into that kind of situation.” read more

‘Fire And Fury’ Author Reveals Kellyanne Conway And Sean Spicer Arranged White House Interviews

"This was not a secret. Everybody was told to speak to me. ... Bannon told people to cooperate. Sean Spicer told people to cooperate. Kellyanne Conway told people to cooperate."

The Special Counsel Closes In On Trump As Sean Spicer Gets Grilled About Comey Firing

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is focused on Trump's potential obstruction of justice as former Press Secretary Sean Spicer was grilled about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Sean Spicer Isn’t In The White House Anymore, But He’s Still Making An Idiot Out Of Himself

Sean Spicer doesn't need Donald Trump to kick him around. He is perfectly capable of acting like an idiot on his own.

Sean Spicer Panics After Being Caught With The Ticking Time Bomb That Could Destroy Trump

Former White House Press Secretary went into full panic mode after it was uncovered that he has detailed journals that would be of great interest to the Russia investigation about what was said in meetings at the Trump White House.

Sean Spicer’s New Speaking Gig Promises He’ll Offer Same “Candor and Wit” as He Did in WH

Former Trump White House spokesman Sean Spicer has a new speaking gig, and he's being promoted for offering the same "candor and wit" as he did in the White House briefing room.

GOP Ethics Lawyer Proposes Using Lie Detectors During White House Press Briefings

"I suggest they put one in the press podium right there. The place would light up like a disco."

Lawyers Want Trump And Sean Spicer To Testify About Colluding With Fox On Fake Seth Rich Story

Lawyers are seeking the testimony of President Donald Trump and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer related to their potential collusion with Fox News on a fake story about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Crumbling Trump Blames The “Fake News Media” For His Making Sean Spicer Lie Every Day

Trump showed that he won't take responsibility for anything ever, as he tried to blame the media for the fact that sent Sean Spicer in front of reporters and told him to lie every day.

Trump’s Own White House Calls His New Communications Director An Unqualified Joke

White House officials are calling Trump's hiring of the unqualified Anthony Scaramucci to his new communications director a joke.

CNN Reporter Confronts Sean Spicer And Asks Why Are The Cameras Off At White House Briefing

CNN's Jim Acosta confronted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the press briefing and asked him why the cameras are off. Instead of giving an answer, Spicer ignored the question.

Trumpcare Is On Its Deathbed As More GOP Senators Voice Opposition To Repeal Vote

With a slim margin for error and Republicans already backing away, Trumpcare may be on its deathbed before a single vote is cast in the U.S. Senate.

Angry Press Turns On Trump And Shows Why White House Briefings Are Worthless

Sean Spicer is blaming White House reporters for the Trump White House going dark on briefings, but ABC's Jonathan Karl made a list of 25 questions Sean Spicer has yet to answer.

In His Most Pathetic Move Yet, Sean Spicer Blames Reporters For Trump’s Cowardice

The real problem, according to Spicer, is the reporters want to be YouTube stars.

On the day when it came out that President Trump is thinking of only holding one White House briefing a week, White House press secretary went on Laura Ingraham's radio show to blame the White House press pool for the Trump administration's cowardice.

White House Claims Press Briefings Are Held Off Camera Because Sean Spicer Got Fat

When asked why the press briefings are held off camera, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon possibly sarcastically answered that more briefings are off camera because Press Secretary Sean Spicer got fatter. read more

Sean Spicer Refuses To Answer If Trump Knew About Jared Kushner’s Back Channels To Russia

In his first daily press briefing since Trump returned from his foreign adventure, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused to the answer the question when he was asked if Donald Trump knew about Jared Kushner's communications with Russia.

Sean Spicer Drops A Shocker By Refusing To Say If Trump Will Turn Over Comey Tapes

Sean Spicer was repeatedly asked if Trump would comply with a congressional request turn over any secret Comey tapes to Congress, and each time he refused to comment.