Sean Spicer Drops A Shocker By Refusing To Say If Trump Will Turn Over Comey Tapes

Sean Spicer was repeatedly asked if Trump would comply with a congressional request turn over any secret Comey tapes to Congress, and each time he refused to comment.


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Spicer was asked multiple times by reporters if Trump would comply with Congress’s request for any secret Comey tapes that were made by the White House, and his only answer was, “I think I made it clear that the president has nothing further on that.”

If the tapes exist, and no one outside of Trump knows for sure if they do, not turning them over would be another bad move that would only make Trump look guilty. If Trump destroys the tapes, he would be committing a crime by destroying evidence that was part of an ongoing investigation.

It is shocking that a White Press Secretary would give a reply that is basically a no comment on whether or not the president will comply with a request from investigators.

The reason why more and more Americans think that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia is that he keeps doing things that make him look guilty.

An innocent president would cooperate with the investigation to clear up any clouds that may be hanging over his administration. A president who denies obstructs and the has his press secretary say no comment to congressional requests for evidence looks guilty of something.

Trump can’t hide from the facts forever. Soon enough the truth will be revealed about what involvement his campaign had with Russia during the 2016 election.

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