‘Fire And Fury’ Author Reveals Kellyanne Conway And Sean Spicer Arranged White House Interviews

While Donald Trump continues to deny the details in Michael Wolff’s explosive new book ‘Fire and Fury’, the author told CNN’s Don Lemon that some of the president’s closest advisers were arranging interviews for him.

In a sit-down interview set to air Monday night, Wolff told Lemon that Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer were among the White House officials who urged administration staff to cooperate with the book.


Wolff said:

WOLFF: This was not a secret. Everybody was told to speak to me. … Bannon told people to cooperate. Sean Spicer told people to cooperate. Kellyanne Conway told people to cooperate. Hope Hicks —


LEMON: So why are they saying it’s fake?


WOLFF: Because they’re liars. … This is Donald Trump. This is what he does. Day after day after day after, incident after incident after incident – he doesn’t tell the truth because he doesn’t know what the truth is.

The more Wolff reveals about his time in the White House, the more apparent it is that the White House is lying when they say they didn’t give him access. Instead, he appeared to have all the access he wanted, with those closest to Trump cooperating and helping him gather information.

What the president didn’t expect is that the information would expose Donald Trump for who he is: An unqualified, mentally deranged unstable man who has no business being President of the United States.