Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter Account Accused of Posting Topless Photo of Her Teenage Daughter


Kellyanne Conway, who was previously counselor to former President Donald Trump, has generated controversy after allegedly posting a topless photograph of her teenage daughter, Claudia, on Twitter.

Screenshots of content from Conway’s Twitter account (@KellyannePolls) published to Twitter’s Fleets feature––which like Snapshat and Instagram automatically deletes content after 24 hours––circulated as Twitter users documented the incident before it could disappear from the social network. read more

George Conway Kicks Trump When He’s Down in Washington Post Op-Ed


Since the day he was elected president, Donald Trump faced incredible resistance from Democratic voters. But they were not the only ones who were opposing Trump. There were also a huge amount of Republicans who did not feel that he truly represented their party.

One of the loudest of these voices was George Conway. Not only did his wife work in a prominent role in the Trump administration, but Conway had also worked on the legal team that impeached Bill Clinton.

Still, the lawyer was furiously opposed to Donald Trump. And now that it looks like Trump is going to fall to Joe Biden, Conway took a bit of a victory law in a piece for the  Washington Post.

Conway began, “

It’s somehow fitting. A presidency launched with lies, and fueled by them ever since, was destined to finish with the worst of them all.” read more

Night 3 of the RNC Looks Tame Compared to the DNC’s Blockbuster 3rd Night


There were a number of compelling politicians who spoke at the Democratic National Convention. The party worked hard on spacing out the speeches so that viewers would turn in every night.

Night 3 of the DNC had some of the most anticipated addresses of the entire week. Not only did Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris close the show, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Gabby Giffords addressed viewers.

And, of course, arguably the most exciting speech of the night for many Democrats came from the 44th President, Barack Obama.

Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention is likely to pale in comparison. The headliner of the night will be Mike Pence. Both the VP and his wife, Karen.

Like every other night of the convention, a Trump will be speaking. On Wednesday, it will be Lara Trump. Eric Trump’s wife was last in the public eye for saying that Joe Biden’s VP selection of Kamala Harris was insulting to women.

Iowa senator Joni Ernst has long been thought of as one of the party’s rising stars. She, however, finds herself in a tighter than expected battle with Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw will also be speaking tonight. He is another of the party’s rising stars, best known for his military service and frequent Twitter drama.

Arguably, the most anticipated speaker of the night with be Trump Special adviser Kellyanne Conway. Conway recently announced that she will be leaving the White House to mind her family after a very public spat with her daughter.

The RNC will begin tonight at 8:30 EST and be shown on multiple channels.

Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Posts Celebratory TikToks After Her Mother Announces Departure from Trump Administration

Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway, the daughter of now-former presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, posted celebratory TikTok posts after her mother announced she would leave the Trump administration.

“Y’all, I know I said I was taking a break, but um, um, um, um,” she said in one video responding to her mother’s statement announcing her resignation.



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As Kellyanne Conway Leaves the White House, Her Husband Says Trump Is Racist and Evil

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George Conway thinks Donald Trump is racist and evil, according to remarks revealed as his wife, Kellyanne Conway, prepares to leave the White House at the end of the month.

The conservative lawyer offers the severe criticism of the President in an upcoming documentary#Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump. The news comes amid reports that the Conways will step back from their roles in the administration and the anti-Trump Lincoln Project respectively.

Watch the video:

My mother came from the Philippines. She came to the United States in the late 1950s. So I’m half Filipino, and the other half is some mixture of Irish, Scottish – you know, I’m classic American mutt,” Conway said.

I think of myself as an American. I just assume people aren’t racist. And I tend to forget that, well, some people are. And that’s sort of the lesson with Trump is. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

Conway referred to Trump’s comments about to four Democratic members of Congress, telling them to “go back” to the “crime infested” countries he believes they came from.

It brought back that memory of the one time I really remember, wow, there really are people like that here,” Conway said.

“I was with my mother when I was a teenager in a parking lot in Massachusetts and somebody said to her, ‘go back to your country.’ It came home to me then. This man is a racist. He is evil.”

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Kellyanne Conway Wants Trump to Do Coronavirus Briefings Again

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Kellyanne Conway thinks the President should start doing live briefings on Coronavirus again. The suggestion comes as the White House continues its attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Counselor to the President told reporters on Friday that a return to live briefings would be good for Donald Trump.

“I just think the people want to hear from the President of the United States,” Conway said.

“Doesn’t have to be daily. Doesn’t have to be for two hours. But in my view it has to be.”

Conway said it would be good if Trump were seen as the face of nation’s response to the pandemic “because the pandemic continues and he’s done a solid job leading our country through it.”

“It’s causation not coincidence that the President’s handling of the Coronavirus in public opinion when he himself was addressing,” she said.

“Again, don’t need anybody up there for two hours, but there he was with his doctors, and everybody was answering questions and presenting information when the news was very dire and very devastating everyday.”

There hasn’t been a Coronavirus briefing since April. This may be due to the fact that people other than Trump – like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx – were winning praise for their performance.

Several administration figures

have recently criticized Fauci publicly read more